Audacity: How do I decrease the volume of the incoming audio

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  1. I finally found a friend with a real component stereo type cassette player; the line out is not amplified. So now I can plug the line out into the mic jack on his laptop and make a recording of what's on the cassette. I am using the latest version of Audacity.

    My problem is that the incoming sound was so loud that the recording was of a low quality. Now, that doesn't really make sense since it's not amplified. But I could see in the Audacity display that the sound was too loud.

    How can I solve this problem. How do I decrease the volume of the incoming audio.

    I'm using the latest version of Audacity on a Windows IBM laptop.

  2. jonyoung

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    Dec 31, 2003
    Two suggestions I can think of:

    1. go into control panel and adjust the level on the soundcard or "recording device".

    2. try lowering the fader icon to the right of the record button in Audacity.

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