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    As you know, I am just doing my first treading in this field of audio engineering.
    It is clear to me that I must start with reading a few books before I begin inquiring about gear or even going to a dealer to test gear. Someone like me does not necessarily know even WHAT to listen to in a mic or a monitor or converter.

    I did check out the list of recommended books and I spent many hours in Barnes and Noble, Border's, and online on Amazon.

    I found a wonderful book:
    Recording tips for engineers for cleaner brighter tracks.
    Author: Tim Crich
    ISBN: 0240519744

    It's big, inclusive, and unlike so many other books that I leafed through, gives a lot more than a non committed paragraph on one subject or another. I don't say this to attack any book or author. For me personally, being very detail oriented and wanting to know WHY so and so is being done - this book stood out.

    Another book that I am trying to look into is:
    Stereo Microphone Techniques
    Author: Bruce Bartlett
    ISBN: 0240800761.

    I was able to check the contents page and it pretty unbelievable. It doesn't look as if the author left out anything. I am told that this book it out of print and that it is replaced by another book (which supposedly contains all of the above original text), but I was unable to verify this.
    The other book is:
    On Location Recording Techniques
    Author: Bruce Bartlett
    ISBN: 0240803795

    I thought I ought to share this information with the forum.



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