audio ease vst to mas wrapper? anyone try it?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by fontane, May 4, 2005.

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    i have and it works great within dp 4.52 and sampletank 2 i just seem to get some glitchy $*^t happening wth certain instrments being loaded within K2 when it's in the wrapper...

    anyone have similar experiences? or different ones?

    below is my situation and "work around"...

    ok... so, with LOTS of trouble shooting... this is wat i found out just incase anyone had similar problems or quirky issues with K2 and the wrapper...

    i recrested the problem situation over and over as well as recreated a non-problem situation over and over... here are some of my notes...


    1 - i have noticed that my problem wasnt occurring because i had too many multiple outs running
    2 - i am sure i can run as many outputs as possible EXCEPT particular instruments will cause instability in K2 with Wrapper

    1 - Loaded my own instrument with groupings, 4 stereo outs, and drum samples
    2 - Loaded drawbar organ and added new out
    3- sequenced etc
    4 - save
    5 - reopen

    recreate the same situation using:
    1 - SynBass 2 (MW) = song functions but without this instrument being sounded
    2 - Mystery = release gets cut off
    3 - Diginoize = song functions but instrument does not sound
    4 - electric grand = static like yuckiness and barely plays causes song to "blow up" and master meters max out
    5 - organ stutter = does the same as electric grand

    now, i haven't tried every patch but i do know pumper bass, drawbar organ and asian percussion do not create any problems loaded with my personal drum instrument or when they are all loaded together


    some instruments used within the wrapper create instability, audio issues and whatever else could be unexpected...

    one last detail i picked up on was, when the songs loads back up and WORKS... organ drawbar and my drum samples seem to have a "clipping" sound at the end of the release... its strange too, but is resolved by reselecting the instrument or changing a parameter withiin the instrument

    well, not sure if this helps anyone, but if it does... for now vst wrapper and kontakt play together OK... maybe something will fix this later... just note which instruments in your multi just incase you have any K2 issues, it may very well be the instrument causing the issue
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