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  1. I'm currently in a digital media class where we've been using Sony Vegas to edit audio, however, I'm sure that there are many other programs as well that people use professionally. I was wondering:

    1. Talking specifically about the major motion picture studios, what are a couple of the programs that they use for audio editing (besides Vegas)?

    2. Also, are there any advantages of one program over the other that would make each movie studio choose a different audio program?

    Any info would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. Codemonkey

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    Bent uses Vegas, I recall. He's pro, imo.

    You could use ProTools which limits you in choosing interfaces. This seems to be the industry standard though.
    There's Cubase which is another one.
    Adobe Audition (formerly CoolEdit Pro) as well.

    What did I miss? Audacity?
  3. IIRs

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    Sonar, Live, Tracktion, Reaper, Podium, Samplitude, Seqoia, SADiE, Pyramix, Soundforge, Wavelab... probably more I've forgotten.
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    Nuendo is hip with the audio for video industry.
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    All DAWS do the same thing. If you are getting a DAW for yourself it's a personal choice. Get whatever fits your budget and has a user interface and work flow with which you are comfortable. However, if you are going to work or freelance at other facilities you must know Pro Tools. PT is a standard, not because it's any better, but because it got there first. Knowing Logic and SoundTrack Pro can also be a big help. A rudimentary knowledge of Final Cut and Avid, mostly the audio functions and audio export options, is also to your benefit.

    Missing from the list is Digital Performer.
  6. Kev

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    IF you do end up on Final Cut Pro for your video edit

    then DECK may be an alternative to one of the mainstream packages like ProTools or Nuendo or DP

    Bias Deck LE 3.5
    Link removed

    both Deck and Peak were popular editors on the Mac in the distant past ... mid to late 90's
    but company changes and buy-outs had them slip from out of the top choices lists
    I haven't used the current versions but on paper they look like they are back in good condition

    I use PT HD(mac) and LE(win)
    but if I were to live out of a Laptop I'd probably try the above

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