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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by axel, May 17, 2005.

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    i have a (maybee already 1000times asked) question about audio HD's, what is the best performing and reliable drive for a power mac in your opinion and experience... for audio recording / playback.
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    Internal, external? :p
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    I've been using 72000 rpm maxtors with my macs for several years with no issues- four of them with my dual 867 (which am retiring) and my new dual G5 2.0 came with a 160 GB maxtor and I ordered another one (250 GB SATA maxtor) I also have a couple extra maxtors out in a firewire enclosure- that's been my real life experience - I did have a problem with one of the maxtors several years ago- seems that the directory got damaged- a friend of mine who is a tech was able to get it up and running, then I retrieved most of the info (I lost a partition) and reformatted the drive. It is still running in the firewire enclosure (120 GB maxtor) All together I have 2 250 GB maxtors, 5 160 GB maxtor and 2 120 GB maxtor. needless to say i have all my projects backed up to more than one of he drives. that has been my experience.
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    thanks, xavier
    any other experiences, out there ??
    both internal and firewire!
    thanks guys
  5. I mostly buy Seagate drives. However, Seagate, Western Digital, and Maxtor drives have all been pretty stable in use here at work (even though I'm not a Maxtor fan). Some of the drives make more noise than others. If you read the reviews on, you can get some idea of which drives are quietest.
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    cheers :D

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