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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by asianbob, Jan 11, 2005.

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    i originally was planning on trying to snag an Aardvark Q10 off ebay for the studio i'm setting up for my school, but the folks here are kind of reluctant of spending that kind of money on used stuff, especially if it's an auction item, so i'm looking at alternatives. the tascam fw1884 is a very attractive option, but a little pricey. i'm considering an 8-in PCI card such as Echo's Layla in conjunction with Behringer's ADA8000 Ultragain Pro-8 preamp. this preamp features an integrated ADAT interface, so would i be able run all 8 channels of the preamp to the ADAT-in on the Layla and still have 8 more channels of audio available on the Layla? my understanding of ADAT is a little sketchy, so forgive me. anybody have any insight on a setup like this? any problems i might run into? cheers.
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    one more thing: i'm looking at sonar 4 studio for a sequencer. any issues with the described setup working (or not working) with sonar? would another sequencer be better in this situation? thanks.
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    Yes Bob, you are correct. You can run the 8 channels from the ADA8000 via the ADAT lightpipe to the Layla and have the 8 Layla channels available. Just remember the Layla (I assume you mean 3G) has only 2 pres built in so you'll need 6 more pres for 16 channels, maybe a small Mackie board. If your talking about the Layla 24/96 it has no pres built in so you'll need 8 to have 16 channels.
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    thanks for clearing that up Don. now i assume recording that many channels simultaneously would be more strenuous for the computer. what are the required parameters for a computer to handle this kind of load, along with doing all the mixing and editing (my planned setup is mixerless)? i'm not terribly computer savvy, so don't assume i know anything! thanks a lot.
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    Jan 4, 2005
    Assuming PC platform, I'd go with nothing less than a 2ghz Pentium 4 and at least 512mb RAM (1gb would be better). It's been done with lesser machines, but with processors being so cheap these days youmight as well get the best you can afford (keep an eye on whether or not you can upgrade the processor as well, for future reference).

    I run 24 (sometimes 26) tracks simultraneously to a P4 2.2ghz/512 laptop at 24bit/48k with no problems whatsoever.

    Hope this helps ya!

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