Audio interface compatible with Sun Solaris w/Sparc?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by rkruz, Feb 22, 2010.

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    Its an odd question I know, but Im locked into the Sun Sparc to do some basic 4 channel recording. Are you aware of any audio interfaces that are compatible with the Sun Solaris OS which uses the Spark processor? I have found a Sun Hardware compatibility lists for Solaris but using Intel X86. It could be any interface, PCI, USB etc.
    Thank you for any tips
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    The Sparc compatibility list for "audio" on the Sun site gives zero entries, so you may be out of luck for anything that is supported directly. I certainly don't know of any multi-channel interfaces that had drivers for Solaris/Sparc. Many of the native Sparc boards had rudimentary sound chips, but never more than stereo capability as far as I am aware.

    What about getting a Zoom H4N 4-track recorder, hook it up to a PC or laptop via USB, and then transfer the .wav files from the PC to the Sparcstation over a TCP/IP network? The H4N has a pair of built-in stereo mics plus XLR connectors for two more external microphones (with phantom power if you need it).

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