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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Deusx, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Deusx

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    Feb 21, 2005
    i wish to buy an audio interface of the brand motu 896 hd.
    we donot have a proper studio setup but still want to record our guitar parts(amp modelers) , bass(amp modelers) , keyboards(through usb) and vocals(?).
    we know that with our setup its difficult to get good results through mic recording but we don't have another choice.
    let me give u some detail about the perimeters of the room in which we intend to record.

    1.width=9feet aprox
    2. length = 15feet aprox
    3. height = 9feet aprox
    4. the room has no double walls
    5. the walls are covered with thick insulating foam about 3inch thick.
    6. it has one window which has glass totally fixed i.e it can not be opened.
    7. room has two doors, one enterance and one leading into the bathroom.
    (we are experiencing problems with sound we record or hear, boom is the factor, in short. the bathroom close to the room)

    the audio interface we are going to buy is motu 896 hd. is this a suitable audio interface. we are not doing all this just for fun but also to earn through this profession so we want to buy the stuff that can assist us as long as possible. we intend to record most of the stuff our selves , primarily because we cannot afford the expense of a professional studio.
    you can see that we r compromising on almost everything but still suggest us also where we shouldnt do so.
    which is the best suitable mic for vocals and acoustic guitar recording.
    NOTE -does an expensive mic can make a difference despite recording in the above stated environment .
  2. djpardox

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    i would sugest getting a digidesign 002 instead. U might not want to use amp modelers for recording guitars. micing the cabs would be a better alternative(but this can be argued lol). And does your keyboard have a stereo output? if it does use that to record it or, if it has midi outs use a sequencer. For vocals i would sugest a large diaphram mic. akg perception 100 or akg perception 200 are decent mics and they are cheap. or rode ntk, akg c4000,c3000 are also very affordable.get a good mic pre if you cant afford a good one i suggest you save up and dont rush it.i use a Focusrite Platinum OctoPre 8 mic pre and i love it. use a pencil condenser for the Neumann km184's here's a link for micing guitars And what kind of music do your band members play? The reason i ask is that u said that your walls are covered with insulating foam. that might be ok when recording vocals but it might make other instruments sound dead. with regard to acoustics of the room you can call sweetwater, i think they have auralex accoustic consultants who can check the room out for you. you dont have to buy anything from them but i'm sure you would learn something. i hope this helped. :)
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