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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by hxckid88, May 10, 2005.

  1. hxckid88

    hxckid88 Active Member

    May 9, 2005
    It seems my last post somehow got deleted, but I wanted to get some ideas on a cheap recording equipment. Something that has 2 inputs at least for microphones/DI. I'm a beginning recorder and I want something to record my own stuff, and also my bands. I was looking at this one...
  2. gn

    gn Guest

    That is a good piece to start. Get something like Cubase SE ($99) to start with too. It's great for quick learning w/ midi & audio if you want to do that in the future. Don't fall for the Protools LE system thing - its a horrible system to learn on and quite inefficient with midi & is not worth the money.

    If you like messing w/ midi - get an oxygen 8 or something like the ($139).

    For mics get one really good condenser for vocals, guitars, etc. - audio technica, rode, cad all have good mics for about $200-$300 - check ebay too.

    If you're just recording guitars a good sm57 by shure ($99) is a great recording mic or a marshall condenser ($99) will do nice too.

    For band recording, you'll need an expensive upgrade for recording drums, rooms, etc. - best bet is to start it small and learn the basics & keep expanding as you get better w/ each step. If you're looking to get a demo, you can always record drums at a studio equipped for drum recording and then mess w/ the tracks on your own system.
  3. TeddyG

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    Jan 20, 2005
    For 200 bucks, you could hardly go wrong. Buy it, use it for awhile, find what you like and don't like about it, then, down the road, look for something better with your acquired knowledge being your guide...

    Only caution I would give is: Try to make sure this gadget does what you want it to do, the way you want to do it NOW! You wouldn't want to have to "add" things like accessories or external widgets whose total price is then more than some other interface that already offers what you need - or more, for little more cost.

    For instance, I wanted to do the same thing you're doing - get started. I checked carefully(Several years ago!) and found that the LynxOne was PERFECT and would do almost everything I EVER wanted to do. It was then and is now 500 dollars, but it just blew the other stuff, for less money, out of the water. Years later, I'm still using it, it still does everything I need to do and the "BIG MONEY" spent was very well spent, indeed.....

    Speakers - you could spend thousands! Accessories? The sky's the limit! But, you can get one of the world's best basic computer interfaces these days for around a grand(Or less) - from companies like Lynx and RME and MOTU. At least with the interface - the "base" of your entire recording system - it might pay to "SPEND BIG" now and be done with it for the forseeable future?

  4. gn

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    good point Teddy

    to add to that, just make sure to figure out exactly what you want to be doing in music recording so that you invest in all the connections/specs you'll need in the future.

    Gots to love buying gear! :lol:
  5. hxckid88

    hxckid88 Active Member

    May 9, 2005
    Thanks guys.

    First off, what I was looking for was mainly 2 inputs. I don't need to go all fancy. What I need 2 is for from amp to audio interface, and microphone to audio interface. Being able to do both, I'm sure will make recordings sound much better, and youll have a much more to work with in getting a great sound.

    I was planning on just buying two Shure SM57s.

    Also, it seems that everything has MIDI nowadays, I really don't even know the advantages of MIDI, its not a big deal to me...

    And being realistic, I want to do everything myself, being 17 years old, living with my parents still. I cant go and rent out a place for recording or build my own studio. Im just doing this for my own interest and for my band.

    Could anyone give me recommendations, for other products similar? I dont want to overlook anything. Like mentioned, I should find something that does EVERYTHING I want, and notrealize that when I get it I'm missing something and I have to add something else (meaning more money)

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