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    Hi, Im trying to record vocals, a keyboard, and a guitar. I need an audio interface. I was set on buying an m-audio fast track usb interface after visiting a store, but reading online reviews has changed my mind. I am considering a firewire interface, but i do not a firewire input on my computer.
    Is there a usb/firewire converter?
    Which is easier?
    What is the ideal cheap interface?
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    Sep 26, 2005
    Well what kind of the computer you have will be a determining factor? You can purchase a PCI FireWire card, for as little as $15. For a laptop, you may need to purchase a PCM/CIA type card with FireWire ports? That might cost you 50 bucks? There is no FireWire to USB converter. It's sort of like boys & girls. We are the same but different. FireWire seems to be the better choice over USB? But it depends on the hardware you choose?

    But remember, you'll be dealing with some kind of latency no matter what you choose. And you'll have to learn how to tweak your computer accordingly. You'll probably want some kind of direct pass-through monitoring of input sources? Because if you are monitoring "E to E" you are going to be monitoring with latency of the input source. That's what happens with cheap and/or onboard "sound cards". So pick yourself a good one because you'll have to live with it for a while.

    I like M-Audio stuff so not sure why online reviews should change your mind? Most inexpensive interfaces are sonically similar. Go for the features you want. But don't read the specifications. They mean nothing. It was more important 20 years ago when we still had plenty of crappy chips. I know that I'm going to make a good recording regardless of the specifications of the equipment. Do I have preferences? You bet. Does it really make much difference? Not unless people are paying you well? Make a good recording and don't think about the equipment. Otherwise it will make you crazy.

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