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  1. hey I'm running protools LE and I've got an mbox and I don't like the way audio sounds through an mbox and if I have an audiocard with analog I/O and want to record audio through the card can I do that? (The audiocard is a M-audio audiophile 192)
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    No. PT LE only works with digidesign's own hardware.
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    Dec 29, 2004
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    I'm wondering, what is it about the audio you're not pleased with? I had a Mbox for awhile. Is your problem or dissatisfaction on the analog to digital input or the digital to analog output side of things?

    Also, I'm not clear about what you're attempting to do. Are you asking if you can run Pro Tools through the M-audio card (M-audio was recently acquired by Digidesign, BTW)? Pro Tools works only with Digidesign hardware, as was pointed out.

    When I had a Mbox, I found that I needed to also use a preamp/mixer on the input/output side of things. The mixer on the output side of things drove powered speakers (Studiophile BX5's) and sounded fine. My pro work is limited to VO stuff. But, I've recorded some good music through the Mbox, too.

  4. I run all of my mics or analog inputs (such as guitar, synth, and bass) into a behringer UB1204FX that has a built in EQ and I think it also has a preamp. I then have the main outputs of the mixer connected to the 2 mbox inputs. Most of the analog to digital sounds good except for my guitar which is run into a line 6 podxt and I then run it straight into the mixer. Also my korg MS2000 which I run straight into the mixer also doesnt sound entirely acurate. It sounds good but sometimes the sound isnt accurate or I might end up getting weird feedback on the sound if I'm sending a distorted synth part into the mbox. Between the guitar and the synth I'd probably say my main complaint is it doesnt handle distorted audio very well, however it's worked very well for vocals, drums, and bass (I mic my bass amp with an SM57). The sound mainly doesnt sound good being converted from digital to audio, and always tends to sound a little jumbled and messy coming out of my monitors, which in my opinion are pretty nice monitors for what I payed (M-audio studiophile DX4's) When I bounce the file to disk and then play the song back on my computer or a cd player or stereo it genreally sounds fine but it makes it very hard for me to mix in protools.
  5. Actually most of the problems are with my computer not the mbox. I'm probably going to try to buy a decent mac G4 although I know next to nothing about what I need. If you have any advice or good places where I can buy them I'd appreciate it. I also hope to upgrade to a Digi 002R but that probably won't be for a while since I've got $1200 and can probably borrow up to $200 but too my knowledge a good used G4 will be at least that much.

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