Audiofire and crackling noices...

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by oyshoy, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. oyshoy

    oyshoy Guest

    I just bought a Echo Audiofire 4 soundcard.

    Seems to be working quite nice, but sometimes I get a crackling noice.
    This happens during playback of both recordings and mp3 files with winamp. I never hear the noices when I'm recording.

    The appears at different parts of the same song.
    Have tried to run other applications but it doesn't seem to affect the recording program.

    I have a P4 2,7 Ghz, 512 mb, Tracktion recording software..

  2. mdemeyer

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    Dec 22, 2004
    Dublin, CA USA
    Go to the web site (http://) and make sure to get the latest driver... I think 3.0.3. I had this problem, too, with the 3.0.2 drivers that I think shipped with the AF4.
  3. oyshoy

    oyshoy Guest

    I tried..

    To install the latest drivers but that didn't fix the problem..
    The funny thing is.. I tried to make a recording, then I converted it to a mp3 file, and played it with the in built sound card on my laptop, and it sounds just perfect..
    Still when I play something with my Audiofire 4 card there are these nocies that sound like a bad cable, or an old LP player...
  4. MadGuitrst

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    Aug 15, 2001
    Philadelphia....home of brotherly shove
    I just got an Audiofire8 and I am noticing this too.

    I just installed in with the very latest drivers and firmware update, which was updated on 10/25, I think. So, it's not that.

    Usually you have to increase the number of samples, which also increases latency. The default on the Audiofire is 256. You might try increasing the number of samples, a little at a time.

    Oy, it could be that it's only occurring during playback.
    The little bit I noticed occurred spontaneously but didn't occur whe I stopped and played back from the exact same point.

    I think I'll call Echo aout this.


    I just got this from Echo's website:

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