Audix D2

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    Hypercardioid Dynamic Instrument Mic For bringing out the real, dynamic sound of your drum toms and congas.
    The D2's natural warmth also makes it a great mic for saxophones and other woodwinds requiring a true, sensitive, yet big, reproduction.


    • Instrument Dynamic
    • Hypercardioid
    • 144dB SPL
    • Proprietary anti-feedback design
    • Durable scratch resistant spring steel grille
    • Black Hard-coat Finish
    • Isolates each instrument's "sweet" spot
    • Gold plated contacts
    • VLM™ Very low mass diphragm
    • Reduced phase shift
    • Superior transient response
    • Pouch & clip included
    • Application specific microphones
    • Individually tested & hand assembled
    • Highest levels of gain before feedback
    • Exceptional off-axis rejection

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