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  1. I'm looking at buying some more drum mics and I stumbled across this audix package endorsed by travis barker . I'm trying to find mics to capture heavier rock so thats why the whole travis barker thing got me interested...The d6 is included in the package as well as two micro-d tom mics and an i5 which is just a special offer. It looks like a good deal but before i go ahead and order them i wanted to see if anyone here at RO has any opinions...
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    Feb 10, 2001

    I just got a Travis Barker set of Audix mics. I got the DP5 drumpack. It has the D6 and 4 other mics. I like it alot. But it is a little different than the one you are looking at. I paid $495 for them brand new and that was with shipping includ.
    I got them off E-bay
    I mostly got them because rock and metal is what I would rather record with these mics.
    Happy shopping!
  3. inLoco

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    Jul 25, 2004
    you say buy some more drum mics...
    which ones you have already?
  4. man that was fast..... :) i have oktava 012's i use for OH's, sm57 for snare, and a shure beta 52a on kick, but i really would like to start doing close miking for some different stuff to see how it sounds.
  5. Fede

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    Nov 3, 2004
    This is my first post on this board. Seems like a great place! - looking forward to posting here....

    Regarding the subject at hand:

    I cannot recommend the Audix mics strongly enough!

    If you want a rock/fusion/metal/whatever - any upfront closemic sound with balls - these are the ticket!

    I have lots of experience with all the other regular contenders on drums (Shure Beta91, B52, PG52, SM57, SM58, SM81, AKG c408, D112, Sennheiser e602, e604, MD421) and still use them on a regular basis - but I have just bought my second Audix DP5-set.

    My own kit (I'm both a drummer and audio engineer) has got two kicks, two snares and 5 toms, so I needed two DP5-sets to cover the whole thing.

    These mics rock!

    The D1 on snare sounds a bit like an SM57 that has already been tweaked a bit, and it has better rejection of hihat (and other things). Also a bit more lively - better transients me thinks.

    The D2 has a great very pre-eq'ed type of feeling to it. What's even better is that it somehow achieves this without being pre-eq'ed! Look at the specs yourself - it's totally flat (sort of), yet it produces a really big tom-sound with an incredibly nice attack and with no cardboard-midrange-mud. Also good separation.

    The D4 has the same virtues as the D2, but it also pulls out an incredible earth quake on larger toms! Very deep indeed! - but still with stick attack. So the bottom is there if you need it - and easy to tone down if you don't. That's better than not having it when you'd like some....(like the AKG c408). But then again - this was Audix' previous kick-mic of the series.

    The D6 is a gem just like the others. This one is heavily pre-eq'ed, so its game is definately rock and other types of soundscapes requiring a dry, fat, deep, sub, potentially clicky, defined, tight bassdrum sound. Yet, I am told that it can actually be quite versatile! (I haven't tried to make anything else yet, though :wink: .....haven't had it for that long...)

    So to sum it up: A big thumbs up to the Audix D-series from someone whose personal drum-mic-set over the years have gone over Shure 57, Sennheiser e604, e602, MD421 and AKG c408 - and is now settling for Audix with regards to kicks, snares and toms!

    Best regards,

    Frederik Rosenkjær, Copenhagen, Denmark
  6. inLoco

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    Jul 25, 2004
    cool you like! i just ordered 2 audix D2 and 1 D4 to add to my akg D112 and my sm-57.
    ordered too a SP's C4 pair and what i think a great bargain! an AKG C414 TLII for 650$
    later i'll order one akg c451b for acoustic guitar and hi-hats
  7. thanks everyone here for the replies im gonna go ahead and spend the extra $150 for the DP5 set.

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