Discussion in 'Bass' started by stedel, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. stedel

    stedel Guest

    Hi folks.
    I've decided to establish an Australian Embassy here. I think we need one.
    be back soon.
  2. stedel

    stedel Guest

    Boy. It's good to be back. I've been "active" over
    on the ProTalk, Pro Audio Forums part of RO since I posted here.

    I think I'll stay here for a while.

    I called the English "sad sack Pommies".

    Said I had real issues with some of the Canadians around here.

    Accused some engineers of being racist towards Aboriginal Didgeridoo players, Australian Musicians and Australia Music - who they likened to a (QUOTE) "fart".

    Gave an introductory talk on Post Modernism on the BADDEST AWARDS,

    Publicised the creation of this Embassy.

    Congratulated Julian on reaching more than 10,000 posts.

    "Contributed" over on City Hall.

    And...well...I kinda implied, through guilt by association, that Chris (audiokid) was....well...
    a beligerent Canadian Hippie, if you really want to know.

    But he can't get me in here.Cos this is THE AUSTRALIAN EMBASSY. And he has to respect Australian Sovereignty.Right? Right!

    I told everybody how good I thought Fairlight was.
    And Rick Hamming replied to the first part of my story re my ghost - I've also got a post on Stephen Paul's forum "Microphones and Reverb. And Ghosts - as well as the RO X Files here.

    Oh and I also sort clarrification of new member status in respect to the new Fee. I still haven't got this (clarrification). Neither has Sky Blue Lou who is a new member, who I also gave an Australian Visa to.

    Just thought I'd let you know in case any Canadian Armed Personnel Troop Carriers turn up painted with "Peace" symbols. :cool:
  3. Sky Blue Lou

    Sky Blue Lou Guest

    Hi stedel,

    I am exersizing (exercising -is that how you spell it? - The lack of a spellchecker is really starting to piss me off! - I won't say exorcising (I don't want to piss off your ghost))my newly granted visa (thanx again kind sir - or should it be Your Honor? Just how do you thank an ambassador?). Taking it out for a stroll if you will. I see you are in a race with Julian for most post(s). I too am in a race. I am racing for the formidable "Senior Member" ranking. If my surmise is correct the magic number is thirty. We shall soon see. I shall return (Why spend all my thoughts on only one post?).

  4. Sky Blue Lou

    Sky Blue Lou Guest

    If the Canadians do show up can I seek asylum here?
  5. Idle Threats

    Idle Threats Guest


    Australian music artists. This is the Time. Stand up and take some pride. We have been challlenged. Challenged to a popularity contest and oneof force and strength. And this challenge has been set by a POMMY! They have challenged us to reach 20,000 posts first. They already have their handicap start of 10,000 (only because they are going to need it) we have only 500.

    Lets show the world that the Australian music contingent ARE a force to be reckoned with, lets show them the music we create. I must say its a hell of a lot better then the poms, they LOVE Kylie Monogue and Jason Donavon, said cases of music yes, but even sadder for the Poms for loving them so much. What a said life they must have. I pity them.

    We all need to let our Aussie music comrades know about this challenge. Get them here to post and smash the poms.

    We will win! We will kick arse!

    And then we can eat a HOT pie and drink a COLD beer!
  6. Sky Blue Lou

    Sky Blue Lou Guest


    This is it. This is my thirtieth post. Either I'm in or I'm wrong. Thanks for the visa.

    yer humble servant,

  7. Sky Blue Lou

    Sky Blue Lou Guest

    Maybe you have to post the thirty-first first?
  8. MikeG

    MikeG Guest

    Just a short post to say a big hi to RO's Australian contingent. Wherever I went in your great country the hospitality was amazing. :D :D Tho'innocence was kinda lost in Kings Cross :rolleyes:Good on ya.
    PS Need some Alice Springs for my reverb.
  9. stedel

    stedel Guest

    Hey I was born in Glasgow. Cool.

    Wow! Hi folks nice of you to drop in.

    So far Sky Blue, I haven't come across any Canadian Army or Para-Miltary vehicles.

    Megs.....(a.k.a. Idle Threats). Behave yourself.

    Everybody else, those I've mentioned included, welcome.
    I've got to set up the Embassy properly yet.
    Get some nice leather Chesterfield couches in, some Australian beer in the fridge, and a plasma screen hooked up to DVD player so we can watch Star Trek and other Movies as well. Maybe in the Future, test out Fairlights Surround Sound capabilities.

    I've been over on "the other side", you know, the RO Pro Talk Forum, checking out things, and having to answer for and to some of the stuff I posted last night. :cool:

    Sky Blue Lou, I've suggested on audiokid's post that one constructive thing to do would be to let me redesign the Fairlight Forum, so that I can do some of the things I want to do. I asked for this to be done by next week. I did say please, though.

    Folks I have to do a bit of work, here on the Fairlight Forum, over the next couple of days.

    One thing I've got to attend to really quickly is to sort of explain to the Fairlight users who used this Forum, what has been going on, why there is suddenly an Australian Embassy here, and that why all this is a good thing. They've been handling it all pretty well, but sooner or later the full implication of what has happened will sink in.
    That Stedel is the Fairlight Forum Moderator.

    This may take some time. Being Stedel, I can understand why they might be confused, alarmed, scared (please read my RO X Files post), and reticent.

    In the meantime, please, make yourselves at home.
    There's some Hahn Premium's in the fridge. Oh and the toilet's to your left.

    I'll be back! :cool:
  10. B Callaway

    B Callaway Active Member

    Dec 30, 2001
    Australian Embassy....hmmmmm sounds a bit official, do I get an expense account for entertaining visiting dignitaries!!

    As an Aussie who has traveled a lot including Canada and the UK, I got on well with everyone everywhere I went (and enjoyed the beer: Molson, LaBatz and Cafferty’s).

    As for music, I can remember the early 80's where local independent music (that means the big record companies wouldn't sign the acts) came on leaps and bounds. We had some great bands in a wide range of genre’s who eventually became popular overseas eg; The Birthday Party/Nick Cave, The Go Betweens, The Triffids, The Hoodoo Gurus, The Celibate Rifles, The Church. There were many others who stayed local. The Sydney Trade Union club was the gig to play, 3 floors of bands every Friday and Saturday night.

    Of course there were bands like INXS and Men at Work but they were downright commercial and lived in a different universe therefore alien to us at the time. They wouldn’t have drawn a crowd at the Trade Union Club :D ) so I have no idea of what the point is now….of yeah Australian music I think…..and something about an embassy

    Anyway have a good day,
  11. stedel

    stedel Guest

    Hi Bruce. Good to see you. Thanks for posting. I don't know how to break up quotes the way some people do up here. But I liked the points I commented on, and agreed with most of the others.

    OK. So why an AUSTRALIAN EMBASSY. Well; here's one reason:
    (Dead Link Removed)

    It's not called that, but have a look, see what you think.
  12. Sky Blue Lou

    Sky Blue Lou Guest

    Hi stedel,

    Things are getting interesting over at City Hall. You ought to drop by. What time is it in Oz right now? I've been trying to figure this out. I know it's Tuesday but is it 5:30 pm or 9:30? (It's 10:30 pm Monday, East Coast USA as I type.) It's probably 4:22 am for all I know - hell it takes more than 30 posts to make Senior Member!!

    Come on by - I'd like to know your thoughts.

  13. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    Yes. It also takes emotional maturity... :D
  14. Idle Threats

    Idle Threats Guest

    BTW my post above was in jest, good fun etc, but I do srongly believe that the Australian music industry, more so the "small players" and "up and comers" etc do need to band together to gain some strengths and power in this volotile industry. :cool:
  15. stedel

    stedel Guest

    Cool. So do I.
    Thanks for dropping in folks.

    (ps. quiet whisper..that's "volatile" Idle Threats..Sky Blue Lou - I agree. maybe this Spell Checker is a good thing I've got the SPELLING POLICE on my tail over on ProTalk).
  16. Sky Blue Lou

    Sky Blue Lou Guest

    Hi stedel,

    I've just received a thorough ass-kicking over at City Hall. Mind if I hang here for a bit?

  17. stedel

    stedel Guest

    No, you're most welcome...but

    1. I just read what happened on my Topic, and for the most part I agree with Son Of Smarwg.
    2. The last few weeks have been quite tumultuous for me up here, and I probably got in much too deep than I should have. I'm wanting things to settle down here on the Fairlight Forum, and in this case this means using the Embassy here to discuss things Australian, for people to network and maybe discuss Australian or ex-pat Manufacturers products, (including Fairlight who have a history and connection with Australia)and raise issues that may be of concern to Australian Music and recording Industry people without cluttering up other Forums.
    In this respect the existing owners and users of Fairlight gear who use this forum have shown tolerance far have not said anything to me about post Topics of mine here, or the fact that yes, out of all the moderators on RO they've
    got me.
    So again. yes you're most welcome, but like me, time to move foreward, and concentrate on issues
    such as Ergonomics, Indigenous Culture and Contemporary Music - what's the best way to record it? With a Fairlight of course!!!!!
    Oh, and if you've had an experience of a ghost...
    and this is NOT a joke Topic - so please respect the thread -please feel free to vist the topic so titled here.Obviously I like humour, I like having fun when I work, and sometimes I'm....well whatever term you like to use. I'm also very serious about what I do, & serious about the Fairlight Forum. So yes it will have those above described qualities, but not in excess.
    Maybe hang around for a while, Check out some of the topics here, let us know a bit about what you're doing yourself, etc.
    Kind regards

  18. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001

    My chum and soon to be ex UK product specialist for Apogee Giles, is relocating to Melbourne! He is looking for openings in the field of eengineering / tech / production. And is an all round solid geezer! please PM me for Giles' email & contact adresses. He will arrive in 'god own place on earth' June 1st.


  19. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    Hi to all Australians.

    ANZAC day here and it is 6:00am and I am very near the Shrine in Melbourne.

    It is raining and there is a huge turn out af all ages.

    Parking is impossible here at work.

    A big Hello to all serving Australians around the world.

    oi,oi,oi. :cool:
  20. Sky Blue Lou

    Sky Blue Lou Guest

    Understood. Thank you.

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