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    This is the problem I am having..I record my vocals, then use automation to even the volumes of the soundbites relative to each other... then I realize that the volume of the entire track needs to be changed... so then I am stuck with doing the the automation over again... I know this is a very rookie problem I am having and there is a easy fix to it. I considered sending the track a aux and doing some automation on that channel as well, but then Im still kinda in the same situation....

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    Basically what you are doing is manual compression. Use a compressor plug in to even out the volumes of the vocal track, and then you can still increase the volume no problem. Get used to using compression because its an important and often used tool.

    I don't know what kind of program you are using, but another way to do it without dealing with compression is to increase the trim. I know Sonar has a trim control. This will increase the volume of everything before automation.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I used some compression and it helps even the vocal out probably will work better once I have a better understanding on how to use it. any tricks to point me in the right direction?

    I am on Digital Proformer..There is a "trim" automation function? but I dont think that is what you were referring to..

    Thanks again!
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    i don't know if there's someting like this in digital performer, but in logic i have plug-ins called "volume" and "gain". when i have automation on a track, and want to increase or decrease the volume of the whole track, i just put one of those into an insert slot and boost or cut the volume with it. it also works on the master track, so i can get more headroom for the mix when it's needed. they can also be automated, by the way.

    i'm sure there are free plug-ins out there that do the same thing.
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    You should state what DAW software you are using, but if you already have the vocal tracks edited into "soundbytes" there ought to be a way of adjusting the volume of each individual section of audio - for example Steinberg software allows you to do this very easily by providing a volume handle for every clip. This is like automating volumes without actually engaging the automation feature.

    Compression will affect dynamic range rather than volume.
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    Doh! Sorry, you're on DP. Dunno how I missed that lol.
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    All good my friend!!

    The answer to my problem is the TRIM plug in. Thanks very much to you all for helping me find the way!


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