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Avalon vt737sp

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by Dr_Simon, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. Dr_Simon

    Dr_Simon Guest

    Hey gang, I have had one of these puppies backordered (from 8thstreet.com) for about 7 weeks and it is driving me nuts !!

    This is the first bit if kit I have had from Avalon Design and Im wondering, is this normal or is some one jerking my chain ?

    In 8thstreets defense they did cut me a really good deal on the price of the order however as I have already payed for it,m I.m beginning to wonder !

    Anyone had similar experiences ?
  2. Johnson Cabasa

    Johnson Cabasa Active Member

    Sep 5, 2003
    it coud be tha theyre not paying theit bills i have a friend who got a 737 last week without a problem
  3. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    :( That sucks!
    I have bought brand new pre amps. An API 3124+ and had to wait almost 4 weeks to get it. So it does happen.
    But on the other hand, there are 737's at alot of local music stores that are in stock. So you would think, that they could at least call another dealer of Avalon (locally or down the road) and see if they could send them one to help ease your pain.
    Just a thought
    Good luck
  4. Dr_Simon

    Dr_Simon Guest

    Thanks guys, I will continue to give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being as they did cut me a really good deal ! !
  5. mds

    mds Guest

    I've used 8th street before without problems. It is possible that other dealers have them as older stock and that Avalon is a little behind in filling orders.

  6. jazzy655

    jazzy655 Guest

    8th street

    I just bought an Audio Technica 4060 from 8th Street. I also got a great deal ($960 overnight shipped to my door). The transaction went smoooove.

    I hate waiting for gear also though, it kills me.
  7. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2001
    Silicon Valley
    Avalon as well as API are small companies. They only build products in small batches and in some cases only after it is ordered. A lot of places that sell real pro audio gear don't keep much stock on hand. To much high end gear inventory is always a risk and ties up money that could be used for other business related things.

    Avalon is on the west coast, 8th street music is on or near the east coast, hope they were smart enough to drop ship direct to you so you save two weeks of going back and forth.
  8. perfectwave

    perfectwave Guest

    verry true avalon is on the west coast.... as a matter of fact i could throw a rock from here and hit the factory, literally. I went over there to talk to some people the first time the guy gave me a tour, he was a really nice guy. I went over there a few months later and there was another guy who was an utter ass. I dont know what my point is ....just an interesting experience. I wouldnt worry about your gear, you should be getting it soon.
  9. Dr_Simon

    Dr_Simon Guest

    Thanks for the replies guys, looks like Im going to have to quit winging and just wait it out !!!

    Arr, I'm sure it will be worth it !!!
  10. mds

    mds Guest

    How did you set up the tour? I'm in San Clemente every so often. Especially since they built a Pizza Port there!!

  11. perfectwave

    perfectwave Guest

    I just went over there and knocked on the door. I told the guys that i was a mechanic and i was into barter exchange if anyone needed repairs on theyre cars. The first time i went the guy was really cool, he invited me in and gave me a tour. I bout sh$# my pants when i saw the racks of 737's n 2055's e.c.t. The last (and second time) i went over there the guy that answered the door was an ass. So now im using trident / focusrite... i have a studio in san clemente, and im using trident and focusrite preamps. how ironic is that? Well i guess not so much anymore now that they just moved to irvine.
  12. mds

    mds Guest

    Wow. Working/living in San Clemente must be pretty sweet. What a great town.

    Which Trident pre do you have? I'm somewhat curious about the s20. I used to work on a Trident board and always liked the way it sounded/operated.

  13. perfectwave

    perfectwave Guest

    I have the s20, i think it's a really good pre. Id like to get 2 more of them ....next on the list that never ends lol. Id recommend it anyday, it's one of my favorite pres.
  14. songman

    songman Guest

    There's a thread on gearslutz about whether avalon is out of business or not!?
  15. Dr_Simon

    Dr_Simon Guest

    8 weeks, still no Avalon !!

    I starting to get annoyed now !!
  16. shanabit

    shanabit Active Member

    Dec 7, 2004
    Dood , get your money back and go elsewhere. I personally NEVER
    order an item thats not in stock. You aint got it,I take my money down the street
  17. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    8 weeks is 8 weeks too long. In my line of work the difference between a half an hour and an hour brings all sorts of problems. Maybe you could get it from somewhere that has it in stock.
    just a thought.....Not that you weren't already thinking that :roll:
  18. Dr_Simon

    Dr_Simon Guest

    I thinking "beat them to death with a chair" (jk)!!!

    Humm time to sort this out.
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