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    Hi everybody
    I am a beginner with B4. I use it in Cubase Sx2.2
    When B4 is unfolded in VST instruments track, I see two different "tracks" :B4 (with volume, panning etc. automation options) and B4L(with the instrument's actual parameters' automation)
    Ok with that but what happens if TWO pairs of B4 appear? (I mean B4, B4L and again B4 and B4 L). I haven't opened two B4 instruments, so how did this happen?
    Also in the case that everything is normal (just one "pair" of B4), and I want to write volume automation in my arrangement's mix, where am I going to apply the automation?
    1)In the volume of the midi track containing the notes of B4, 2)in B4 the instrument itself or
    3)in "B4L"(I don't exactly understand what B4L means...)
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    Do you recall what template was used when you setup the arrangement from the beginning?
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    I am not sure, but I don't remember anything so complicated

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