Backing vocal harmonies/ What is best to use?

Discussion in 'Vocalists' started by robcranmer, Mar 5, 2009.

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    One thing that I , in my very limited studio experience, have not had the pleasure of working with, is Harmonizers/voice doulers...etc. I was just listening to Crossfades song "Colors" and was wondering if any of you big sharks out there, know what type of harmonizer they were using. I've had some experience with Antares auto-tune...and that can give you a decent harmony structure, especially if you combine it with some of the plug-ins available in Logic. But I've never got that "LUSH" sound like I heard in this song. Any suggestions guys?
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    If you want "LUSH" vocal harmonies, track each part separately (yes, have someone actually sing the part into a mic), in isolation.
    Then balance/pan the tracks, and add EQ/reverb to taste.

    If you're really clever, you can track them all at once, and let the bleed work for you.

    I'd rather have a separate backup vocal track to work with than adding it with a harmonizer, personally.

    What style of music are you doing (no familiarity w/ Crossfades)?
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    robcranmer Guest should go back to school and study punctuation again. I meant that I was listening to "COLORS" by the band "Crossfade"! It's your basic modern AOR type music, rock with the raspy voice thing, like Nickleback or any of 100 other rock bands out there. Ya know I really do appreciate the tracking advice and I've actually done quite a bit of it myself at my little studio that could see I'm just wanting to expand my personal repertoire and was looking for some advice on doing so utilizing harmonizers/voice doublers/etc. It's funny you should recommend actually singing the tracks, ask anyone around here and "I'M" usually that person...hence our reason for departing the gangsta-rap genre. It was all just becoming...Track-copy-paste-tweek....dull at best! No, this is about being able to offer something quickly, as I've learned with today's studio budgets, most bands just "CANNOT" afford to track four to six perfect vocal takes just for the purpose of harmonies. I know I'm doubling back on what I just said, unfortunately, that's an "ECONOMIC" reality in today's studios!!!
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    "I should go back to school and study punctuation again."

    The only tip you need:
    - Use the enter key sometimes. This isn't IM and enter won't send half a message.

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