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  1. Hey i was wondering if anyone knew a effect or some technique to achieve that backward guitar sound. its late now so ill post a clip in the morning to make the question more clear. i have a machine running mac os x so (intel) and cubase 4 so if it was an effect it would have to be ub. thanks for all the help.
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    I have no idea whether you can do this on a digital system. In the old days, we accomplished this by syncing up a two track or a mono recorder with the multitrack ....the part was played FRONTWARDS with the track and then the tape was taken off and played backwards into an open track of the multitrack recorder. The results were always weird, sometimes spectacular, sometimes not worth the time and effort.

    Jimi Hendrix was reportedly a person who could do this at random times without much prior thought and always come up with the spectacular. I believe I read somewhere that he 'knew' what it would sound like backwards without hearing it back.

    Who's mind works like that!!!!!
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    Actually Davedog, my mind works like that. I was a teenager with a full track recorder and I learned how to say my name and a few other things backwards, which I would record and then play backwards! It was cool! Unfortunately, we didn't have computers back then and so, my desire to come up with complete sentences that could make sense either forwards or backwards were too complicated for me so, I couldn't make it happen. Maybe, I should try it again?

    You can get an awesome backwards guitar sound by actually taking your forward guitar track and within your DAW, you can reverse that track. Once you reverse the track, you need to feed that track to a good sounding 1.5 seconds plate style reverb plug-in. You record that reverb, in stereo, to its own track. Now reverse both the reverb and the guitar track. The reverb will happen for the guitar before the note is played creating an awesome effect that can be done no other way and nothing else sounds like this. It's Demonic!!! So you get reverse reverb that happens before the guitar plays normally. It's particularly effective for alien voices in the original Star Trek.

    !hguoc !hguoc
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    That is Fuc^%ng amazing Remy. I did it to nice clean delayed guitar. It added extra shine similar to that from a ride.
  5. Halifaxsoundguy

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    The more I screw with it the better it gets! Good post!
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    Good effect

    I have recently used just this idea in question. This effect came in handy in a vox track only in lil places. What I wound up doing was creating a copy of the wave file and edit one of them w/ pretty saturated backwards reverb, just a bit over the top. The idea is to use an editor to reverse the track and so I would print the effect to the file. I would then use the dry track and lowered the volume to balance the two in the places it was used. It sounds really good(weird) but smooth too.
    Jimi really did this great I agree.
    Tomorrow I am gonna play a guitar lead while this song is playing backwards, thats a sure way to get backwards sounding guitar
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    Not completely audio related, but my favorite use of backwards recording is the Swedish bookstore scene in the Abrahams and Zucker movie Top Secret!. Plays off the idea that Swedish is supposed to sound like English played backwards.
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    Yeah! Ain't it great! Glad you folks liked the idea. I'm always looking for a reason to use it, which is about once every 10 years.

    Bob, on a sad note, the Swedish Bookstore, which had been in business for more than 40 years, on the historic "Baltimore Block" has closed. Although I do believe that Blaze Starr's show bar is still in business? Thankfully, there are other shops that are still in business so that you will not have to worry where you get your dirty magazines and sex toys. The shopping is still good. I'll have to look into that movie?

    Bad girl
    Ms. Remy Ann David
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    You can emulate a backwards sound by patching the guitar
    through an envelope modifier, so that the attack of the note
    is gradual and the decay fast. That way you can do it in a
    live controlled way.
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