Bad Acoustic Drum, any pointers?

Discussion in 'Drums' started by hondacrxdude13, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. When recording, the Acoustic drum is the only one that I need a feel of power added. What should I do? A) Should I make better use of my plugins? Which ones? B) Fix the drum C) Something else....
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    maybe a doubler? or maybe try creating new tracks from the original and ajusting the eq's and compression a little differently on each....or just adding more compression or limiting and normalizing in general...or panning and phase adjustion....just some thoughts.
    hope that helped.
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    I'm confused by what you mean by "the Acoustic drum". Is this a single drum, the acoustic set all together? If it's a single drum, you may try drum doubling/replacing.

    Sound clip could help too. Especially if it's the whole drum set that you're having trouble with. "Need a feel of power added" makes it a bit hard to tell what it sounds like now.
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    Step #1: Fix the Drum. Unless you plan on using some sort of sound replacing software, as discussed here.

    You may have heard a saying about certain things that can't be polished... Nothing else matters until you make the drum sound good. Good heads, well-tuned, hit by someone who knows how.

    If you're still not sure, more sound replacer info: here.

    This isn't the only one, but this was just discussed here 2 days ago - so fresh in my mind.

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