bad noise through i-tunes not on original.

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    I hope this is the right place for this:

    Ihave a song I'm working on. I work in Cubase on a Windoze machine. When I play it through Cubase, it sounds as it should. Ditto for when i play it in Windows media.

    Then I transfer it via memory stick over to my Mac, and play it through Quicktime, or i-tunes, and on the one quiet section of the song, there is about one second of the most horrendous hiss I've ever heard.

    I tried the whole process three times, and each time it is heard only after transferring to the mac.

    Any ideas as to what might have gone wrong?

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    What are you saving it as?
    What format, bitrate etc.

    It's entirely possible that a codec on the mac could be having hissy fits (pun intended).
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    Turn off the signal processing in iTunes, that is on by default.


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