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  1. Got my Crown XTi4000 today, and loaded Band Manager software. I started making a profile for the Peavey QW3's, which we usually x-over at 90hz. When I looked at the factory settings for the JBL jrx115's Crown uses 56hz hp as default. My question is should I run my QW3's below 90hz when they have 2 folded horns under them, and a Cerwin Vega 21 to take care of the bottom end? Any freq. is available and I can run slopes from 6 to 48. The Bottoms have an Alesis PEQ-450 running one side stereo for folded horns and the other mono to 1 cvp121 21" slot vented woofer. I can hpf, and lpf the bottoms seperatly at any freq. So for the top's, I have any x-over point hi-low any slope, for the bottoms any freq., but 12db per octave slope only. Any help would be great.
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    You might try asking this in the Lab Lounge over at PSW.

    PSW Sound Reinforcement Forums: LAB Lounge

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