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    hello everyone, I was hoping if i could get some help with this. I bought a digital recorder for cheap about 3 years ago (korg D1200). I switched over to cubase because pro tools was having to many problems with windows 7.I was wondering if i could use my digital recorder as an interface for my laptop that has cubase 5 on it. The recorder has a midi out. I guess my question is : is midi transfer real time or do you only use it for transfering files that have already been recorded. So instead of buying an M-box i was thinking of using my recorder as the interface, would that work? So i would be using the digital recoder as more of a mixer and sending the output to the computer where cubase would do the recording if that makes sence. This is my first time investigating midi, the way i would do it before was: i would record on the recorder then transfer the files over to the computer using usb. I hope i explained my self correctly. Thank you in advance.
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    MIDI is not audio or a file transfer bus. It is a Musical Instrument Digital Interface.
    Keyboards and other devices that can generate MIDI signals can trigger MIDI sound modules.
    MIDI is essentially just "note on" and "note off" digital signals
    In Cubase you can set up a MIDI track and set an instrument like Halion up as the sound synth. Then with a MIDI keyboard connected into Cubase via a MIDI interface you can trigger any key with MIDI signals and it will play that note.
    Your D1200 is a standalone recorder and not a computer audio interface. The only interface it has with the computer is to copy or transfer files back and forth via USB. The M-Audio is an audio computer interface that uses a firewire connection into your computer. You could use your D1200 as a basic mixer and route the audio out of the D1200 into the inputs of the M-Audio and record 2 tracks into Cubase. If you have a MIDI keyboard you could also plug that into the M-Audio and send MIDI to a MIDI track in Cubase.
    Hope that helps!
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