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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Squaysh, May 3, 2004.

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    Lets say im running a MOTU 828 with a PowerBook... now, in this situation, will the quality of the PowerBook's soundcard matter at all? meaning, will it affect the quality of my recording and playback? is it even operating?

    I ask this because I have the impression that the only task of the computer in this case is to edit and store the data while the MOTU is in charge of the signal converting and determines sound quality. almost as if the interface IS the soundcard. also, the 828 is promoted as a device that runs idealy with a computer, which is another reason.

    do i have the right idea here? or am i way off? please clarify this for me, this is important for me to understand. thank you.
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    hey squaysh:

    when setting up your system you will have to choose a driver supporting your audio.
    because you have and internal sound card and a motu hooked up you have the option to choose one of them.
    but you wont want to choose the internal sound card, there is no advantage.

    when having the motu hooked up and running its drivers the internal sound card is completely switched off. you should even switch it off in bios if you never need it.

    when recording the a/d converters of the motu are the thing that affect your sound the most, despite of outboard stuff in your chain.
    you can check the specs of them, they are ok.
    make sure to have 24bit recording activated.

    so your internal sound card will not influence anything.
    you are going directly into the motu und you monitor directly out of it...

    if you havent bought the motu yet, consider buying rme stuff...i switched from motu 828 to rme hdsp multiface, then from multiface to digiface with rme adi 8 ds converter, having a second computer running a digiface too.

    i prefer rme, but that is subjective...

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