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Discussion in 'Recording' started by oneolddrummer, Jan 30, 2012.

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    OK, I figure this should be a good place to ask this. I play drums, and have cad mics and a soundtech mixer. I record directly into a camcorder. The problem I am having is that the output from the mixer is plugged into the camcorder external mic plug. So I have to cut the gain down to nothing on the mixer, even hitting my "-20db" button on each channel PLUS I have the output turned down to barely on, with the gain so low I can't use headphones on the mixer as there is not enough volume, and I STILL have the volume in the camcorder WAY high.
    Is there something I can plug my mixer into before the camcorder to fix the impeadence problem? (I assume that is what it is). This is just a home recording set up, so I don't want to spend a bunch of money. Eventually, I would like to record audio and video directly into my computer, with 4 audio tracks so that I can in post production turn up or down either the recorded music or my drums as I wish. That way I could do a different drum solo than what is recorded, and simply turn down the recorded solo, and let mine stay hot, then bring the music back up, but that is down the road, right now I would like to be able to just fix the volume issue!
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    Hi and welcome,

    You might want to have a look at a Beachtek interface, or similar from Studio1, they're made to do exactly what you're describing. The DXA-2T in particular seems to meet all your requirements. In the "Line" position the Beachtek provides 40dB of attenuation on two channels and interfaces to your camcorder. Both have a ground-lift switch would be something you would definitely want.

    Good luck.
  3. oneolddrummer

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    Metro Detroit
    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, that looks like what I need, just will have to hold off for a little right now. $189 seems like a fair price, but things are a little tight right now! who knows, maybe I can find one used. Anyway, I really appreciate the advice, now I know what I need, just have to make it happen!
    Thank you very much!
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    With your current setup, all you need is a EdiRol/Roland UA 1EX for around $85 US. This will provide you with a quality, no latency, pass through monitoring, USB audio device to be used with any computer. Then you would need some multitrack software like Reaper which is almost free. Trying to record into your camcorder is both unnecessary, unprofessional & a pain in the ass. Plus the camcorder has automatic volume control which is about the worst sounding thing you could possibly want. It does nothing good and murders your audio. The automatic volume control of the camcorder is only good while trying to record grandma at the dinner table saying thank you for the birthday dinner and nothing more. Of course you could also use a computer's crappy built-in soundcard which is also highly undesirable sounding so, it's not something any of us would recommend. So I didn't recommend that and don't. But if you have nothing else and no money, it's your only other alternative.

    Built-in computer sound cards, oy vey...
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  5. oneolddrummer

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    Metro Detroit
    All this info is greatly appreciated. Right now I am just recording myself so I can look at and listen to my playing, and work on particular aspects. As time goes on, the recording quality will be more and more important. I really appreiciate the help and advice from all of you!

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