Basic Tracks w/Mac (ProTools LE or TDM)

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  1. Hello RO,

    I have been given some Macintosh hardware (Dual 2GHz) G5 and have decided that this machine would be perfect for running ProTools.

    Looking to build out a simple either 8x8 or 16x16 in/out studio around this machine.

    My question is that given I'm used to working with analog and a inline console, what would you recommend getting that is somewhere in between the Digi 002 standalone system and the higher end TDM systems with the Apogee a/d converters.

    My budget for the gear is < $5K. All suggestions (other than competing DAWs) welcome.
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    Well, you are out of the HD TDM-II range then. You can't do an older MIX system on a G5 either. I would check the DUC to see what OS and PT LE issues are occuring with the new G5's and 002's.
  3. Thanks! I just spent an hour last night talking to the guy at Guitar Center 14 St in New York.

    He explained outside of LE interfaces like the Control 24 there really is nothing in between the Digi 002 and it's HD|2 Accel cards.

    What happened to the Apogee a/d I wonder were they never supported in the first place by Digi?
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    With a G5 I suggest Logic Pro, or DP4, with a UAD card. Much more capabilty that PTLE.

    Pro Tools LE doesn't have the G5, and Dual processor support that Logic Pro, and DP4 have. With the UAD card you will have the best of the native and DSP worlds.


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