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Bass and Drum Samples

Discussion in 'Synths / Samplers & VSTi' started by johnnyrock, Dec 22, 2003.

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  1. johnnyrock

    johnnyrock Guest

    Understanding this to be an overly broad question,what is the best method to get top quality bass and drum samples?

    Is it the sampler route,the soundfont route,the drum machine route,or someting else entirely?

    What are the most common hardware devices like keyboards,like kurzweill,emu ect.....What are the various pros and cons in going that route?

    What are the very best out there using?
  2. Paladyne

    Paladyne Guest

    Bob Clearmountain has great sample cd's for traditional recording stuff. I would get one of his cds if you are looking for good samples to use in a sampler if you are making more traditional music.

    If you are looking for electronica stuff, I would start looking at dogsonacid.com. They have this section called "The Grid", which is a technical know-how board, but for jungle/drumandbass music, and they have a drum loop thread which has thousands of loops to get for free. There are some really good sounding usable samples on that site, and as I said, its FREE!
  3. random logic

    random logic Guest

    from my expirience there is no ultimate drum samples collection, i make my own drum samples from variation of sources-for instance i create my own bass drums by combining 2-3 different kick drums, each thru its own hi/lo pass filters eq and compressors. from one kick i use only bass frequencies, second one for punch and third for clarity.same goes for other drum sounds (snare,clap..). then i sample the result (battery,kontakt) and use them as single samples. it takes a little bit more effort but the results are great sounding and unique. i think the best route to go is battery or kontakt from native instruments with logic or cubase. for sounds- most of the sampling cds will provide a wide range of drum samples

  4. RecorderMan

    RecorderMan Well-Known Member

    Mar 28, 2001
    The Clearmountan cd's are a good start.
    I would alos get the Ross Grafield Drum docter cd's as well.

    The above would a ggod start in covering acoustic drum and percussion...especially Ross Garfield drum Doctor 2.

    if you run a daw and want a pretty full range in a more hip-hop/electronica, etc. get Spectrasonics Stylus. It's a sample player that is completely awesome. It comes with 3 GB of loops and samples.

    They also have one fro Bass (Acoustic, electric & synth) called Trilogy...again, awesome.

    and lastly they (spectrasonics) have Atmosphere for pads.
  5. johnnyrock

    johnnyrock Guest

    I personaly play mostly traditional style rock very much in the Clearmountain tradition,though I might be interested in expanding a bit eventualy.The Clearmountain CD's look like they are both EMU and Kurzweil compatible.Am I correct in thinking that more or less any EMU or Kurzweil Keyboard,or sampler,would be able to load these Cd's up and play them back via midi interface.At this point I am using the sequencer in Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.
  6. Paladyne

    Paladyne Guest

    I am not entirely sure how all of his CDs are setup, but I know the sound quality is topnotch and there are quite a few out there. The only sampler I am really familiar with is Kontakt, and I usually import audio into protools, tweak it a little export the sample, then I load that into Kontakt.(even with the Clearmountain stuff I use) I belive that if a sample is compatible with a brand of sampler, most any of their sampler should accept the beats.
  7. johnnyrock

    johnnyrock Guest

    No doubt I am displaying my inexperience but I'd like to make sure I understand your process.When you import into pro tools do you do it in wav file format,adjsut the sample the way you like in terms of eq,reverb ect....,then export (save ?) the file so that you can load it into Kontact still as a wav file? If not wav format then what?

    Once you have all the samples you want to use loaded into Kontact do you play them back by assigning appropriate midi channels from a sequencer of some kind?
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