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Bass Direct into the Board...

Discussion in 'Bass' started by CustomFbass, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. CustomFbass

    CustomFbass Guest

    I've recorded with several bands, using many methods. The band I am with now is hardcore/melodic trash style music and i use a Custom F Bass 5 stringer. My rig is an Ampeg SVT PRO 4 which has been nothing but amazing on every recording. Ampeg 810E berhinger compressor just with clight compression as to not eat the basses tone. My question is this...I can use as many mics and tracks as I want really. What do you think would be the best for the sound? My current ideas are as follows. Use a direct bass to board signal for that fresh warm sound from my bass. Then on another track use my ampeg head only without the 810 go stereo out into the board with compression. Then...Put a kick mic on the bottom half of the 8x10 and a shure sm57 on the top half for the other track.... Then for some sparkle to the sound add a touch of overdrive to another track. What do you think?? comments and questions... Appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2001
    Silicon Valley
    Those ideas sound ok to me. You can only use what you have available to use. You may need to spend some time and do many various things before you find the exact thing you like or that your willing to settle for. What you think is best and what I or someone else think is best might be something completely different. In general, best requires very expensive and very high quality gear and the skills to use it.
  3. white swan

    white swan Guest

    You can also try reamping the DI signal later and take your time experimenting with different ways of miking the amp. This avoids annoying the band by making them sit around while you experiment.
  4. CustomFbass

    CustomFbass Guest

    Hey guys thanks for the replies. I'll take all of the ideas into account when I give'r a go. I might just stick with lining out my head in stereo with slight compression and see how well it sits in the mix and how it sounds to my ears...If I think that a cab sound is needed ill try a few mics and see what blends the nicest. I know my Fbass sounds good direct into the board, and direct already...Just more of a matter to get that mixed well with the drums and guitar.
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