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Discussion in 'Bass' started by xxdjskulzxx, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. xxdjskulzxx

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    ive been listening to recordings lately that have a sort of bass drop sound in it , like chevelles "comfortable liar" and other songs, it sounds like a big bass BOOOM!.. can anyone help me to find out where i could get that sound or if there is a sample with it on it .. please help! thank you :)
  2. nihility0000

    nihility0000 Guest

    could it be just a lower octave sine wave?
  3. rudedogg

    rudedogg Guest

    most likely use of the TR-808 kick samples. you can find a lot of these on the internet for free, or buy a sample cd off ebay for like 5 bucks.
  4. nihility0000

    nihility0000 Guest

    oh yeah i forgot about those!
    maybe shave some of that attack off and thats got to be it.
  5. timblaze

    timblaze Guest

    yup, the 808 kick was just a sine wave with a certain amplifier envelope applied. To get it to "drop" in pitch, use a pitch mod envelope with fast attack, long decay, and with the sustain set at the pitch you want the drop to end at. The time of the decay will equal the drop.
  6. Lonewalker

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    Aug 1, 2005
    Is this possible within Reason (software)? I've got a couple clients needing this exact thing... I checked it out briefly, and the 808 sounds in there are not nearly as boomy... I've also got the Ddrum4 Brain which has a few 808 kicks, but they are also very weak sounding... I have a Yamaha EX5 that has some kind-of-alright-might-work type stuff, but it just doesn't sound quite the same, almost cheap.

    I personally kinda dislike it, but they want it, so they shall get it... I'm just an old-school analog type that doesn't mess with this fancy stuff too often, and have not encountered a need for it yet.

    I've also got PTLE with Waves plugs, if there's something in there that'll do it.

    Thank you!
  7. JensenBohren

    JensenBohren Guest


    Let me see if I remember how to do this...

    1. Find out the key of the song. From there, find what tone works best... It'll either be 38 or 42 Hz (each note values, one of them is an "E." I don't remember which).

    2. Put Signal Generator on an Aux track. Turn it to the desired sine wave frequency.

    3. Put a Gate after Signal Generator.

    4. Key the gate with the current Kick Drum.

    5. Di...err, Fiddle with the Gate settings until you get the sound you want.

    I've also heard of someone 'tuning' the 'OOom' by automating Signal Generator's pitches so that the note being '808ted' is in tune with the whole bar/note that's being played. I wish I could explain a little better, but unfortunatly, I'm not a musician.

    You can also use this technique with a snare drum and white noise for more 'rattle.' You may have to roll off the highs or lows of the white noise, though...

    If I didn't tell you the setup exactly right, I'm sure someone will tell you the correct method.
  8. djrr3k

    djrr3k Guest

    Sam has a trigger on the left side of his kit that he uses to play the drop. If you want to do this live, it's as easy as getting a trigger and a sound module. For studio you can do the signal flow to side chain a gated oscillator, or in most cases if you only use it a few times throughout the song place a sample on a track. If you want info on Chevelle's drum ideas, check out Sam's drum corner at

  9. corrupted

    corrupted Guest

    808 kick is the standard one... but as was mentioned, it's *easier* to generate your own once you know how to do it... it's more diverse and you won't have to mess with it as much to get what you want.

    But, the 808 always sounds smooth.
  10. corrupted

    corrupted Guest

    You pretty much nailed it... that sums up the basics of it. And the automation of the pitch is a cool idea... I never tried that. But, I've only done this once or twice anyway.
  11. djrr3k

    djrr3k Guest

    I usually get an audible pop when I automate the pitch to change in Pro Tools. I did a couple hip hop remixes where I had to regenerate the bass to hit, I ended up using multiple osc. set to pitch.
  12. JensenBohren

    JensenBohren Guest

    Honestly, the best use I have gotten out of the technique is when someone was wanting to get more 'rattle' out of the snare, but the rattle was conflicting with some of the bleed from the rest of the room.

    White Noise For The Win.
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