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  1. i hvae a direct out on my bass amp that I have been using to record but it isn't sounding right.
    I only have an sm 57 or 58 (not sure at the moment which) to mic anything with.

    would it be worth a try to mic the bass with this and also use the direct out?
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    I play and record bass often. If the space is large (like a church) then a microphone seems to work well. A small small space like my recording room at 10w x 15l x 15h a microphone doesn't sound so hot. A DI right out of the bass into the mixer works well in most situations. Then EQ compress and soft clip in the box.

    I almost forgot about this thread.
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    Sep 26, 2005
    I'll generally utilize an active direct box (DI) right on the output of the bass guitar. If the bass player has a really nice amp with a dedicated direct output, I'll frequently take that. I generally don't have any problems with that but if you don't set levels properly, you'll have problems with that. Which is what you're having. So this is probably operator error? I don't normally put a microphone on the bass guitar amplifier. Many do. I generally don't.

    You'll also find the you'll probably need to limit the bass a little? As in using a limiter. You might need just a little bit of equalization? Maybe none if it already sounds good. But, if you have a crappy sounding bass guitar, it will always sound crappy. But I will generally judge how good a bass sounds when I take a direct right off of the bass guitar. I generally don't want all of the equalization that the bass player sets their amp to. That's why I'll generally take a direct off of the guitar. But that also requires a decent direct box which Radio Shaft ain't got. "Ain't got" is sophisticated technician speak I don't expect you to understand.

    Fasisticated Engineer
    Ms. Remy Ann David
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    The part of Remy's post that is key here, is the mention of the EQ settings on an amp head for a 'live' performance.

    Also, I have found that a LOT of the direct outs on even really high-end bass amps simply dont give you what you want for a recording. Impedance mismatch maybe or maybe you're trying to take this output to the micpre input on an outboard preamp or a preamp in a board.

    Definately use the line in. Even if there's an XLR on the amp.
  5. the amp is an ACOUSTIC B200 it cost $350. how nice is that?
    probably not nice enough. should I go for a sansamp DI?
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    This thread is my go-to for bass info.
    Some knowledge in there.
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    Jan 10, 2008
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    I've had a Sans Amp for about 10 years now and it's absolutely amazing for DI'ing bass guitar. To be fair, the sound I get using it as a DI for guitar is not at all to my liking (sounds like a maxed out line in to a cassette deck?) BUT, as a DI for bass? Amazing. To my ears, it sounds like an SVT driving an 8x10" refrigerator. The one I have is the "Classic". It's a pedal with a switch for bass. They can be a little bit noisy, but if you fiddle enough you can get it to break up like tubes without much noise at all (far below audible in a quiet mix). Just thought I'd chime in because I've used it as a bass DI and I always will. :)
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    From the link;
    "SOLD OUT Production suspended until further notice."

    Nasty. :(
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