bassman100 grill removal

Discussion in 'Bass' started by I-Quality, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. I-Quality

    I-Quality Guest

    well I just wanted to know how to remove the grill in front of it so I could locate the speackers without damagin it...the model I'm talking about is this one

    Link removed

    well do I go with a knife or screw driver and try to draw it out or is there another technique??

  2. sushifish

    sushifish Guest

    I like to just leave grills on (unless there's rattles or something) and use a flashlight to locate the speakers. Hold the light right up to the grill and look closely. I've had great luck and no damaged cabs.
  3. I-Quality

    I-Quality Guest

    actually I knida saw tgrough it, but the thing is that the hp's are not parallel to the's such a strange cab like they are all inclined and there must be the sweet spot where all the hps's sound collide...

    well anyone with more input on this cab is welcome :)

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