battery-powered sound systems?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Jaike, Dec 4, 2007.

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    I need to get power to a number of machines within an environment where there is zero access to electricity. I've extensively explored the possibilities of using a power generator, but this would mean using a minimum of 250m of electric cable, and a huge generator - expensive and impractical...

    I come across several manufacturers os battery powered sound-systems, but I'm gonna need extra power for the machines: portable computers (although these can run on their own batteries for a while), a Korg Zero 8, a medium size mixing desk, a sound card... Not much else.

    Any ideas? Can you get battery packs into which you can plug in gear? I've seen this system for lighting for film shoots, light that come with their own external battery packs... Similar thing for sound?

    This is for to shoot a music session for a film, in a v. special location. Any help would be great, thanks in advance!
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    Honestly I know nothing of these sorts of things but I was curious about how long you will need this power hour, a few hours, all day?
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    Check out this thread:
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    Well, Jaike, I would assume that some kind of vehicles will be used to transport everybody to said location? If you have an automobile, truck, bus, you have the ability to use a DC to AC power inverter. These are available from 30 W to 1500 W, basically a 15 amp circuit and are powered from the vehicles battery which is being recharged by the engine running, or at least started before the battery dies. A drivable generator. Most vehicles idle quietly enough that you can generate up to 1500 W of AC power off of the battery terminals directly, for as long as your gas holds out. So remember to fill up before the shoot.

    Inverters vary in price depending upon their power levels.

    I have a 200 W, a 400 W and 2 1000 W inverters and use them all the time. Even better if your vehicle has the capabilities of carrying a second battery with a switching network.

    Battery-powered buzz
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