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Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by Runeth, Apr 6, 2010.

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    Hi, im new in those kind of subjects, but im rly into it. Im intrested in overall recording. I know a bit about dynamic mics, but rly need help with rest. Sooo, i will record vocals and guitar cab.

    I don't have much cash now, but i will get it soon. For now i have about 120$, and for it im gonna buy mic. And next month im gonna get 400$ and dunno on what should i spend it.

    Mic - Unfortunetly budget don't allow me to buy 2 mics, i know that vocals sound much better on condesner mic but... you know. I searched, read and thought about 4 mics: Sm 58/57, E825/835s. I also thought bout beta 58a but its 50$+ so i don't know rly.

    I know also that i have to buy preamp+soundcard. For the preamp i think i should go for DMP3 for M-audio and sound card, you see i don't know what soundcard/audio interface i should get.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Hey there! Welcome aboard! I think you've got the right idea to buy an sm57 and sm58. Use the 57 for guitar cab, the 58 for vocals. The DMP-3 is pretty good for the money, and it has phantom power, which you will need in the future when you get a condenser mic. As for a soundcard, are you using a laptop or desktop? PC or Mac? If you have a desktop PC, I'd recommend the M-Audio Delta 44. Two more inputs than you need at first, but a little room to grow in the future. I know I picked up a lightly used Delta 44 on Ebay a few years back for about $90, with all the original packaging and software. Used that with a DMP-3 for several years,and was happy with the results and had no issues with things not working! Andy
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    I don't think about getting two mics for now man, even i will i want save money for Shure SM7 for vocals, i rly into Metallica and i know that Hetfield used this mic pretty often. For now i have cash only for one mic, i have on opportunity guys, i found used beta 58a for 80$ and if it won't go up much im gonna buy it. Ofc, im also getting DMP-3 and audio interface. I don't think that this Delta 44 will do well for me, got any other propositions for interface? I have desktop PC btw.

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    I agree that the sm57 is probably the best mic you can get at this point. With this mic, keep in mind that plosives (p,b) will create a pop, so you'd most likely need a pop filter for recording vocals. The 85 (and beta 58) have a windscreen so that won't be as much of a problem.
    The beta 58 sounds great and if you can get it, you should!

    Here's a blog that offers a lot of guidance and explanation about recording, in a simple language that anyone can (hopefully) understand:

    Hope you find this helpful!

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