BEGINNER What do the knobs do on my XENYX 802 mixer exactly?

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    I need to know what every thing is for becuase I am new to the recording scene but finaly got my own stuff set up becuase it was getting to be too expensive goin to studio's. I am using the Behringer XENYX 802 mixer and I am using it to record rap vocals and singing. Can anybody tell me what all these diff. things do? I need to know so I can make sure I am getting the best sound quality possible out of my mixer. I dont know what would be best to make the vocals the clearest and most powerful so if anybody can help me I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. looks like you would of done better with a pro tools le setup insted of getting a mixer to complicate things.
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    Re: BEGINNER What do the knobs do on my XENYX 802 mixer exac

    Don't we all! :p

    First, make sure to read the manual cover to cover. I had a quick look at it and it's does explain all the inputs, outputs and functions of the mixer...exactly.

    You should know that this mixer isn't going to do amazing things with the vocals. You'll be able to run a mic into it and modify the the vocals using the EQ. Also, if you have any external effects, you'll be able to add those effects to the vocals with the mixer...although if you are recording into a computer, you will likely be adding effects there and not through the mixer.

    Now, I'm assuming the real point of your question was "How to use the features of this mixer to make your vocals sound great?". That's not something anyone can give you a definitive answer to. Really the only thing the mixer has to allow you to alter/enhance any vocals is an EQ. So, you can boost or cut frequencies with that. If the vocal is too bassy, you could cut out some of the low end. If it doesn't have enough brightness, you can increase the high end.

    What I recommend you do is play with the trim and level knobs. Adjusting them can also have an effect on the sound being recorded.

    This is something you are going to have to feel out for yourself. We don't know what the vocalist sounds like, what mic is being used, what type of rapping he/she is...rapping. There are a lot of other factors.
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    buy the book modern recording techniques. Then study it.

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