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  1. So i just bought a mxl2003 condenser mic and this is the first pro audio mic I've ever received. The "studio" is at my friends house but i wanted to test out the mic. I bought an XLR F to 1/4" analog M plugged it into my sisters karaoke machine and i didn't get any sound. Do i have a bad mic or do I NEED a phantom power source?

    here's the link to the mic:
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    You will need Phantom power for that mic. If the karaoke machine has phantom you can turn it on but I would suspect it may not. In that case you will want to find a preamp or some other device to supply the power.
  3. well im waiting on a Seasound solo from ebay, it's shipping i know it has 2 pre-amp in's they're xlr in's but is there such thing as 1/4" in's with phantom power? sorry for such stupid questions I'm just a little confused but thanks for the fast response.
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    No, the power would short out as you plugged and unplugged the jack.

    The Seasound Solo should work OK with you mic. Check that you get the PCI card, cable and breakout box. You will need a standard mic cable (XLR F - XLR M).
  5. well i know that the PCI and cable are included but as for the break out box, what is it and is it crucial? EDIT: so i think the "breakout box" is that actual interface right? if so i feel like an idiot. I need to catch up on these terms.

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