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Discussion in 'Drums' started by ghostcrab, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. ghostcrab

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    Hey. Bare with me and my ignorance for I have just started delving into the world of recording on PC. Well, I should say in general. I've only fooled around a bit with analog. Things seem to be going fine for me as far as recording vocals and instruments... but I was thinking about recording drums today. How do I go about recording drums... let's say I have 4 mics: bass, snare, two overheads... and record them to the PC in four separate tracks? I know that if I had an interface with four inputs I could do so... such as a presnous firepod, but what's a cheaper alternative? Also, even with something like the firepod running all 4 mics into and then through firewire to the PC... how do I set it up in the recording software to create separate tracks? Thanks for anyone that read all of this and even more to anyone who answers!
  2. xnatex

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    why don't you start by using 1 mic into 1 track. master that, and believe me, it can be done!
  3. Jeemy

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    Sep 19, 2003

    The quick answer is......something like an M-Audio Firewire 410 will give you 4 tracks (but only 2 pres I think, not sure but yeh presonus, studio projects, focusrite platinum, there are 1000s of entry-level 4-ch pres/converters units) and 2 overheads kick and snare is enough. You'll need 4 mics as well obviously.

    Mastering 1 track 1 mic is not as short advice as it sounds, like starting to learn to play guitar perfectly at a slow pace before you increase speed, it will give you the best foundation to build your skills, but impatience will get in your way. Unfortunately you often can't take a shortcut back with the benefit of hindsight. Maybe you could do it while you save for a good 4-ch unit?

    The long answer is.....go the similar questions asked ad infinitum on the forums and once you've digested the information out there, your question will be much refined and you will understand how to present it.

    Recorderman's 4-mic technique is essential reading, and as for interface cards, the list is endless, go read.

    Finally check out the Boogaloo Investigators, they recorded an entire band with 1 mic. Just in case you don't believe it can be done, and done well. I am sure there are other good examples which will follow below.
  4. ghostcrab

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    One more quick question... where can I find Recorderman's 4-mic technique? Thanks.
  5. Jeemy

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    Sep 19, 2003
    Its in the forum's here somewhere........I thought we stickied it but I am now not so sure, somebody will post a link or just have a good look......
  6. alimoniack

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    Hey jeemy, speaking of edinburgh bands recorded with one mic, how about the Aberfeldy album! The important thing here is that the band must first understand how to control the dynamics of their playing specifically for the recording/room.

    Ghostcrab, you'll need a halfway decent mixer if you want to record drums well. You should refer to your software manual as far as routing soundcard inputs to recording tracks is concerned.

    Also, with only 4 mics it can help to put the condensers in front of rather than above the kit sometimes. Depends on the style.

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