Behringer 1204USB Mixer Connection help

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  1. I recently purchased the aforementioned mixer, but I can't seem to get my computer to process the input from the mixer. I installed the driver that came with the mixer and it appears in my audio devices, but there is no signal from it. I have a mic plugged in and I can see that the mixer's levels are processing the mic's input, but it is not going through to my laptop. I am not sure what the problem is and I would really appreciate any help. I am running windows vista 64-bit. I can supply additional info if needed.
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    Sometimes in Win Vista you have to set the desired interface as the computer's default audio device in addition to selecting it in the DAW. This was rectified I thought in SP1 and SP2. I don't know this particular mixer at all so I'm just speculating.
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    I think you may find that this is a problem with the supplied drivers and Windows Vista64. I suggest you run a test and try installing the driver on a computer running XP32 and see if you can get that to work with the mixer.
  4. Ok, so I'm not sure what happened. I installed your driver and set the microphone to my default audio in. I then opened up audacity for a little test run and it was working fine. Then audacity unexpectedly closed. I opened it back up and reset the mic to my audacity mic in and now it won't work again. I know everything is set correctly because I already had some audio recorded, but it's not working :(
  5. Nevermind, after some fiddling around with the preferences I have finally got everything up and running! I appreciate the help and I really couldn't have done this without you :biggrin:

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