Behringer B2031A Monitors

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by fatman, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. fatman

    fatman Guest

    I just got these monitors and wanted to hear what anybody that has used em had any opinions.

    From looking around, some people have something against Behringer or something
    (Dead Link Removed)

    Im not interested in arguing, just want to get other owners opinions on them.
    I haven't recorded with them yet, cuz Im over hauling my home studio and getting some new stuff. Anywayz
  2. I think they sound *good* for the price, but they are a little overhyped. But seeing as that is what you have, get to know them. Monitors can only be as good as you know them. I used to have a pair and I thought they were *good* after I spent some quality hours listening to music that I knew exactly how it was _supposed_ to sound and then figured out what was being done by the amplifier and speakers.

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