Behringer BCA200.. and the problems..

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by agharti, Apr 5, 2005.

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  1. agharti

    agharti Active Member

    Apr 5, 2005

    I am using a Intel P4 on a Asus P4T motherboard with 512 Rimm.
    I have a pci usb2.0 card, and using 2 HD with different installations of Win XP (one general and another DAW installation)
    I am using a Behringer BCA2000 (USB 2.0).
    Everything worked just fine during 2 weeks(in both systems). After that i had to unplugged my unit from my PC (everything was turned off).

    Now the problems arose.. my unit(BCA2000) stop functioning.
    It gives me an error in system/devices it appears with an yellow exclamation point and it says:

    "This device cannot start. (Code 10)".

    It doesn't load up BCA control panel anymore.(i have no access to my unit neither in audio programs)
    Ok, so I decided and unplugged my unit.. uninstall all drivers... went thru my registry and erased all bca and behringer relative entries.. erased all my files in windows/system32 (etc).
    Reinstalled everyhting and all remains the same.. so.. i decided and i uninstalled everything relative to this unit.. i also unplugged my pci-usb2.0 card from my motherboard, plugged it again.. turned on my pc.. reinstalled everything from my bca's drivers and.. it remains the same.. so I formated my HD and made new clean installations of Win XP (both general and DAW).
    Then... i tried again.. i installed my drivers.. and guess what? Yes... it remained with problems.
    Also, and because i have already installed 3 times my S.O, i tried both ACPI and Non ACPI installations. None worked again.
    This unit worked for 2 weeks just fine... now.. it gives me that error. anyone has any idea? please? :(

    Thx in advance.
  2. juanitooo

    juanitooo Guest


    I faced and still face many issues with the BCA2000 drivers as well.
    One of my incompatibility was the chipset of the PCI USB2.0 card:
    VIA seems to be bad, they advised a NEC or ALI chipset.
    (in my case, it works better than with the VIA chipset but I only have a Athlon 800Mhz & VIA chipset on my Motherboard as well so I don't expect the BCA2000 to work fine on my computer).
    If you ask them, they also may send you the latest drivers (no public release).
  3. juanitooo

    juanitooo Guest

    I face exactly the same problem with my brand new laptop
    Celeron 2.6Ghz (ACER travelmate 2201WLC):
    I installed the latest 2.0 drivers distributed on the behringer website. Right after the installation, it says "this device cannot start. Code 10". Tried six times, same issue.
    Did u find any solution for this??
    Thanks for your help, i'm getting desperate.

  4. djfresha

    djfresha Guest

    My problem is a little bit different from yours but along the same lines... the ASIO driver doesn't work properly, stutters loads (using SF8 / Cubase SX / Nuendo) and I did manage to record in a few seconds into Soundforge 8 via the BCA2000, before it stopped working.

    Major problem now though, lost total power to the unit!! Won't turn on at all after I uninstalled the v2 driver!! Not too please since I've not even had the unit for longer than 24hrs!!!

    I will be adding in a new ALi PCI USB addon card now though, after reading the VIA possible issues.

    @ juanitooo did Behringer state the case with this? Maybe they should review their manual? I'm in debates with them now as I am beta testing Reason 3.01 and was trying to use ASIO within Reason to test both together. Will be giving Behringer & Propellerheads all the info they need to help with this problem (when I get my replacement BCA2000)
  5. juanitooo

    juanitooo Guest

    Yes, I am in contact with behringer technical supervisers.
    I finally managed to install the drivers on my laptop:

    tried to install v2.0.0.1 drivers (they sent me)
    --> same error: code 10 "This device cannot start"
    Then I downgraded to v1.9.8.8 & restarted
    --> finally worked +- fine (first time in three months!)

    But I still face issues:
    * I have to reinstall drivers each time I lauch windows or switch on the interface (install v2 then downgrade)
    * periodical cracking noises when audio input is active (tried with highest latency, same issue). I tried High-Z input and XLR input with +48V : same beahviour.

    Any hints are welcome!
  6. SimonG

    SimonG Guest

    Allow me the shed a little light on this mess Behringer has left on the floor! :p

    Well, I just spend the last 2 days working overtime because programmers at Behringer are churning out crap code.

    I got my BCA2000 two days ago - just a few days after recieving a new computer, so fortunately I was prepared to start with a from scratch system, which I'm sad to say you'll have to do to, if you are experiencing these problems.

    Anyway, yesterday I installed XP + Service pack 2 and some other programs before trying to install the BCA2000. I naturally went for the new V2.0.0.0 driver, which they bill as being must easier on the CPU than the earlier versions, but lo and behold, the installation halted halfway through and I got the dreaded 'This device cannot start (Code 10)' message.

    Uninstalling the hardware and removing all BCA-files from the system32 folder and deleting all the relevant registry entries I could find did not help to install the alternative V1.9.7.2 driver that's also for download on the Behringer site. Still I got that Code 10 message.

    Well, after trying this, that and the other I was finally about to give up, return the crap and start looking for another solution.
    Other parts of the computer was beginning to behave erraticly too, so I decided to clean sweep my system once more and install XP on a freshly low level formattet harddisk.
    This time I did not immediately install the Service Pack 2 and just for the hell of it, I tried to install the old driver (V1.8.5.0 or something) and the SP1 hotfix that had come with the BCA2000. And wudduyaknow.. It installed unproblematically and got the goddam thing working!

    Of course I had to try and upgrade to the V2.0.0.0 since it might have been SP2 that had caused the problems.. I guess I don't have to tell you that I shouldn't have done that and that I got stuck with the same inability to install the old driver again.
    So I ended up having to format the drive again and install XP again.

    So now I got it working again and I even managed to upgrade to V1.9.7.2 without any problems. I think you can start out with this driver, but you have to be VERY careful when you follow the hugely faulty installation description that Behringer has provided.

    Through all this I didn't get any help from Behringer support (guess they were busy making sauerkraut margaritas). All they did was sent me a non-working V2.0.0.1 driver, they didn't answer my questions and they are obviously oblivious to the problems that their new glorified V2 installation are causing a lot of people.

    So I guess the bottomline is:

    Reinstall XP on a freshly formatted hard drive, (possibly) do not install Service Pack 2, and under no circumstance install the V2.0.0.0 if you are experiencing the 'code 10' problem.

    Alternatively, wait for the Behringer people to get their frankfurters out their butts and start writing a working, system fixing V2 driver.

    Hope this will help some of you.
  7. juanitooo

    juanitooo Guest

    As to me, this was the fix (on WinXp with SP2):

    *try to install drivers v2.0.0.1
    -> code 10 "this device cannot start"
    *downgrade to v1.9.9.8
    *switch off/switch on BCA2000 if not detected at startup
    *install (automatically) WDM drivers v2.0.0.0
    *upgrade drivers from to
    * restart AND LET BCA2000 SWITCHED ON

    after those steps, it works as long as I don't switch off the interface.
    If I do -> "this operation failed" and back to the downgrade to bring it back to life.

    I don't understand how you can sell such hardware without any stable drivers...
  8. behringerbca2000

    Hi i would like to add to the above debacle. This is my first visit so forgive cocks up!I am 59know a lot of analog,audio,espc valves,but very new to pc audio. My systm is pen3 601mhz 256ram 160ghd.soundc teratec5.1fun(anyone out therer got a cd for this?). THE MIXER. First one spent a week with my pc guru he and Turnkey thought it must be faulty.New 1 just as bad.much emailing to Beh,de. got it going,works a treat!Fitted usb 2.0 card (via maplin)instal a bit eccentric but eventually ok. Inst'mixer?crash bang wallop, comp locks, wont start,safe mode(never had that b4 with xp!) Restore,restore worry,worry evently pc ok with beast dissed(dont know how to formatt, guru says"KEEP OUT OF THE BLOODY REGISTRY!"Email BEH de. driv dldd NBG. later just for the hell extracted said dld to floppy(shut up! i like 'em). A drv chunttered for 2-3 mins and then WOW a nice piccy and some sensible looking files. not that easy but evetually did get it working with usb2. Ooooh what that wee gree icon next to ati? DISASTER! I f you get do not activate the "safely switch off equipment" box it screws everything. Finally: this always works for me: bca off, start pc, got to add h/ware,click box " switch off to allow comp to find hw. bca on start pc. rock and roll.

    VICENT Guest

    New details about 2.0 driver adventure


    My problem is little different.
    After try install 2.0 driver, I suffer all disasters you said (instability, error 10, blue screens.....).

    I reinstall OS XP and SP2, original drivers and seems to be all right....but

    1. Signal led never light again
    2. All trims and faders at max level amplifier, the signal only arrive at -18dB
    3. All inputs loose amplification!!!!

    I wrote Behringer and steel waiting..... :?
  10. SimonG

    SimonG Guest

    Well, I might have been a bit premature on this one..

    There seem to be a hardware defect in the product line.. so it's not so much the driver as it is the hardware..
    I traded mine in for a replacement unit and the BCA V2.0.0.1 installed fine.
    It worked well for sometime, but the system seemed somewhat unstable (had a lot of crashes in Cubase).. and well, to make a long story short I decided to start from scratch again and reinstall XP.
    So now, on a completely clean system I can't get the goddam thing to install anymore. This time I get a Code 39 error in the third install cycle. And I've tried both V2.0.0.1 and V2.0.0.0 on both XP SP1 and SP2 :!:
    What gives? I suspect the hardware fault again, but it's hard to be sure because it worked earlier on. I've asked Behringer, so let's hope they answer soon.. Anyway, it's really bad form to put out a bad product line - they must've known about it in testing.

    Well, if anybody knows about the Code 39 thing - please post!
  11. VICENT

    VICENT Guest

    New driver


    Behringer send me a new driver v2.1.0.1 :p

    Something has changed but not essential.

    Amplification is little better, but XP can't activate. Error 10 again. :cry:

    It's possible a hardware error in first units produced?

    I bought my BCA in 20/01/2005 (DATE CODE: 0410)

    Do you know somebody without driver 2.0 problems?

    I can't understand why my BCA works fine until driver 2.0 installation. :?
  12. SimonG

    SimonG Guest

    Oh yes, there's a hardware problem alright..

    If you got the code 10 error you almost definitely got a H/W failure.
    Mine too was a date code 0410 - I got it replaced with a 0412 and it works fine with all drivers. I don't think it's ALL 0410s though. I hear that Behringer themselves are now sending out UPS slips, so people can return them directly to Behringer for replacements.

    I'm still having problems with Cubase SX 1.0.1 though - lots of freeze-ups.. :cry:

    go here for loads of info:
  13. SimonG

    SimonG Guest

    OH and BTW my code 39 problem was caused by the fact that I had disabled the onboard audio card in the motherboard's BIOS setup. I enabled it and BCA now works fine with driver V2.0.0.0... Go figure..

    Still that cubase freeze-up!! :evil:
  14. sendsouth

    sendsouth Guest

    bca headache

    hey juanitooo

    I have same laptop as you +bca 2000. I had it working fine but for some reason started having issues with cpu spikes in audio track. I cant figure out why. Using cubase sx1. if y0ou have any ideas, let me know.
  15. FenderMan

    FenderMan Guest

    Same story

    I have also been experiencing the Code 10 errors whenever i try and upgrade to v2.0.0.0, Behringer have not been much help yet.

    Anyways, the reason for my post is to help the people who have been re-formatting every time they try and fail to install v2.0.0.0

    i have found that if you install the very original driver (off the original installation CD that shipped with the unit, v1.0.0.0, the unit will install and start properly. From there i have been installing to without any issues.

    I hope behringer come up with a solution for this quick-smart since i'm pretty anxious to see what improvements they've made.
  16. Behringer bca200

    Hi Fenderman. The problem with installing from the original cdrom is that it wont! SP2 knocks it out, at least this is the case with my copy. I suppose you can reinstall xp without SP2 but I for one just dont have the time to backup all my stuff,format et al. I like I suspcet most of us dont have a computer just for audio work. Can anyone tell me if the BCA should Dto A the o/p of my computer and that of a minidisk? 'cos mine dont but I cant tell if it is a software problem! valvejockey.
  17. agharti

    agharti Active Member

    Apr 5, 2005
    code 10 again..

    ok.. so i posted that topic some monthes ago..
    Well in that time i went to my national dealer.. the unit started working ok there (they must think i was a dumb or something).
    anyway.. i went home that time and the unit worked ok also. Stupid isn't it? the guys there did nothing in this unit.. as they don't even know how to work with this.
    Anyway.. i've been using the unit with my laptop now.. and.. yesterday it gave me another code 10 error.. i tryed at my desktop..and same sh&t.
    Well i uninstalled all drivers.. i reinstalled all drivers..i blablablaaa... and nothing.
    Nothing worked. I must say this unit have been working with drivers with a 7ms latency (asio, of course!).
    anyway.. this morning i tried another move.. i turned on my win xp (sp2) in safe mode and tried to install drivers. it told me everything was... i reboot the laptop in normal way with my bca tuerned on.. when i entered xp it told me it found new hardware.. and i replyed to install in automode (the usual). well well well.... guess what? this crappy unit started working ok. So.. don't go for a constant formatation of ur HD.. i done that in the past.. yesterday i just think that I wouldn't do that again.. and tryed uninstalling..reinstalling.. nothing worked so... here it goes:

    Uninstall Bca2000 in device manager
    Go to windows\system32\drivers and erase the relevant file bca*.*
    go to windows\system32\ and erase the relevant files bca*.*
    Turn off your bca2000
    reboot win xp in safe mode
    run the driver installation (mine was
    when it ask you... turn on the bca2000
    Xp will just install 1 thing (it must install 3)
    Xp will say the unit is ready but needs to be rebooted
    Reboot wih BCA TURNED ON
    Xp will say it found new hardware
    accept and run as usual.

    Hope this will work for u guys.
  18. slyfunk

    slyfunk Guest

    need old drivers for bca2000


    could anyone be so kind and give me link or better send me the old drivers like for the bca2000?
    just have the new driver and it doesnt work. Well they work but i have a continous noise on my speakers, its not a ground loop problem though...

    thanks for any reply
  19. Kapt.Krunch

    Kapt.Krunch Well-Known Member

    Nov 21, 2005
    Re: Same story

    First bold highlight is the main problem.

    Second bold highlight...don't hold your breath.

    Look under the hood of nearly any Behringer product...and you'll see why they sell so cheap.

    I can't understand why people would spend so much time futzing with anything like all that, when they should just go get a refund and buy something (for not much more) without such a bad reputation.

    But those backlit-by-orange-LED tube preamps sure LOOK cool running those barely-working tubes! :shock:

  20. PROMIX

    PROMIX Guest

    v1.9.8.8 I CANT FIND


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