Behringer befuddlement & MIDI MADNESS

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by trustgod, May 28, 2002.

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    :confused: I do not understand MIDI at all. I received the Behringer V AMP2 as a gift. I purchased the Behringer FCB1010 MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER to switch between banks and presets. I also wanted to use the two expression pedals on the FCB1010 for wah wah and volume. I read the Owners Manuals four times and DO NOT GET IT. I am unable to program the foot controller to function with the V AMP 2.

    If anyone owns these products and has successfully got them to play nice with each other - please help me out.

    Here's the kicker. I want to set up a DAW in my home. A few forum members have mentioned that I should learn to build my own PC and save money. I have to be honest -I don't know if that is a wise idea seeing as how I can't even figure out how to program a MIDI foot controller. I went to a CubaseSX seminar and it all looked so easy when the Steinberg rep demonstrated the software. Lately I have been reading Audio mags (Sound On Sound, MIX, Electronic Musician, Keyboard, Computer Music, etc) trying to get a handle on everything involved in starting out. I feel overwhelmed.

    I will be 42 next week and have been playing guitar, bass, and piano for close to 30 years. It is the desire of my heart to write and record my own music. However, I lack technical and software smarts. Does anyone know of a tutorial or some kind of home study course to teach me the basics and help ease me into home studio recording?


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    wow i can see how this can be a big problem for you wanting to start recording your own music.

    ok one thing to remember is when dealing with midi connections, out goes into in and in goes into out. this concept will help you out alot when dealing with midi.

    as far as the people advising you to learn how to build your own computer, i would have to agree for the fact that by doing so, you would have a better understanding on what you want, and need for your studio. it would also give you a better understanding of the computer and software to go with, and trouble shooting.

    but i also understand that this might not be easy and/or practical for you. here is one link you can try
    its not the best but its a start. you can also check this guy really knows his stuff :p

    also keep in mind that those seminars make it look easier than it really is to the beginning enthusiast that doesn't have any experience. it was hard for me but luckily i had some one to teach me the tricks of the trade.
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