Behringer DDX3216 & Alesis HD24

Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by ketchupsuicide, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. hey ppl,

    i have just bought a behringer DDX3216 and An Alesis HD24, but i am having problems monitoring the sound after its been recorded, i bought an ADT1616 to link the 2 but i cant work out how to link it so i can monitor what i recorded - any ideas?

    i have used computer based recording for the last year or so, so i am not to clued up on the routing side,

    any tips will be appreciated (sorry about my spelling)


  2. apogee

    apogee Guest

    First things first,

    I do not own any of these but ,try these steps.

    1.Verify your optical cables are working.Todo that plug one end to an active optical out ,then see if there's light on the other end.

    2.Make sure you'connected the ins to outs

    3.On the DDX ,choose the inputs of 8 chanels to be assigned on ADAT optical.

    4.Check the levels/routing of these chanels to be routed on the stereo out.

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