Behringer MX2004A Mixer and Compressor....HELP!

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by Curmudgeon76, Dec 29, 2004.

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    First let me start off by saying I'm fairly new to multitrack/digital recording.

    Previously, I was using my Behringer MX2004A mixer to record into my computer, like so: I had the main outputs of the mixer going directly into the soundcard, and the soundcard outs going into the "2-Track ins" of my mixer. That way, I could switch between monitoring the main mix, going into the mixer, and the mix coming out, by engaging/disengaging the "2-Track" switch.

    Now however, I've added a compressor. I have it set up as follows: I have the main outs of the mixer going into the L/R channel ins of the compressor, respectively. I have cables going from the L/R channel outs of the compressor into the soundcard. I still have the outs of the soundcard going into the "2 track ins" of the mixer.

    I seem to have a problem however. No matter if I'm monitoring the main mix, or the two track return mix, I cannot hear the effects of my compressor as I use it. I turn the knobs, adjust the threshold, change the output gain, whatever, and I cannot hear the effects of my compressor settings. It's like it's not being monitored. I can SEE the effects of the compressor however, on the soundcard's software monitor/mixer.

    Basically, I want to be able to monitor the effects of my compression settings on the fly, and ideally hear how they sound when applied to the mix as it comes back to the board from the soundcard outs. Is this possible?

    There's another problem. My mixer seems to ONLY have inserts for the individual channels, and there doesn't seem to be an insert for the master channel. I know that the ideal way to use a compressor is to connect it to channel inserts. The problem is that I want to compress the ENTIRE mix. The mixer has an "Alt 3/4 output" and fader, as well as stereo aux sends and returns, but I have read that aux sends are NOT good for compressors.

    I hope I have been concise enough and my dilema is clear and I haven't been too confusing. LOL :eek:P

    Can anyone give me any suggestions, or tell me how I can hook this up to achieve the desired end? Because at this point I'm pretty stuck! Thanks!

  2. First of all, let me shed a little light. You are committing an audio fopah with your wiring scheme and now you are beginning to be ravaged by the effects of such a hook up and finding out why you can't do that. You mentioned you are using a Behringer Mixer (good choice). With the Behringer when you plug anything into the two track inputs (...and coontrol the sound from channel one) you can't have any of the other channels activated (e.i. turn off the PFL/SOLO red light). Also, instead of running to the computer or the compresser through the main outs take the feed on the back of the mixer utilizing the ALT 3/4 outs (this is a common problem with newbies, unfortunatly many never shake it and move on to doing something else, leaving their current idea upon the back burner only to have it burn away to a crisp without saving the piece you are working on. Making these adjustments could very well save you hundreds of hours constantly diving into a pool of obstalesence. I feel, once you address this matter, you sound intelligent enough to bake the rest of this pie and turn in a BLUE PLATE SPECIAL! As George Harrison once said to me, "Your little dilema will soon pass, All Things Do." Good Luck, figuring it out!

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