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Discussion in 'Recording' started by born2suffer, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. born2suffer

    born2suffer Guest

    Hi there !
    I have a HUGE question. I want to buy a Behringer V-Amp 2 (I know it's probably junk, but I can't afford more right now) and I don't get one thing.
    On the site they say something about externatl Wah. But what pedal goes along with the V-amp to get the wah ? please give me a helping hand.

    And if anyone out there is familiar with cheap multi-fx, which is better : the V-amp 2, the X V-amp or the Korg AX1500 ?

    thanx for any help.
  2. Cresta

    Cresta Active Member

    V-amp2 come in bundle with FCB1010 MIDI foot controller . May be you was unsure of what this "wah pedal" was due to what they say on the site: "A separate manually or MIDI-controllable wah-wah effect and 9 stereo reverb types are available in combination with any other effect," , but they, in this case, are referring to the capablity of MIDI to assign to each event any kind of parameter you want (so, even "wah"..).

    I don't know the Korg AX1500, but V-amp2 is better than X V-amp

    hope this help (hth®)
  3. born2suffer

    born2suffer Guest

    thanx for the help ..
    so there is no possibility to have real time control of the wah with a volume pedal or something like that ? how nasty :( ..
  4. Cresta

    Cresta Active Member

    yes there is, you just should use that MIDI foot controller... it should work properly :)
  5. born2suffer

    born2suffer Guest

    ahaa .. but the foot controller only has 2 switches for patch up and down .. how does that help for wah ?
    is it like stationary wah ? or what ?
  6. IIRs

    IIRs Well-Known Member

    You need a MIDI pedal of some sort. (Unless there is also a jack plug "expression pedal" input )

    I use an ART X-15 (now discontinued) to control my rack:


    B*hringer do a cheaper version, but I have heard bad reports about the build quality..
  7. Cresta

    Cresta Active Member

    it has ten MIDI switch and TWO expression pedals. It should work fine, but if possible you should try it before buying, because I've heard same rumors as IIRs...
  8. GregP

    GregP Guest

    The rumours I heard were that the FCB1010 is one of the only GOOD things they've built. However, it's universally accepted that it's a b**ch to program.

    What I do for my TonePort is use a volume pedal that's connected to my MIDI keyboard (a PCR-M50, which accepts expression pedals). It would work the same with the V-Amp2.

    The trouble: if you don't already have a keyboard that accepts expression pedals, it's more expensive to get one than to just get the FCB1010 or similar unit. ;)

    Just for a chuckle, here's my "pedalboard" :lol:


    Output selector, 3 homemade footswitches (cost: $1), and the volume pedal that attaches to PCR-M50 ($25 CDN).

  9. Cresta

    Cresta Active Member

    Italy are a genius... :shock:
  10. IIRs

    IIRs Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Gregs board is way cooler than mine :lol:
  11. GregP

    GregP Guest

    IIRs has a very loose definition of "cool". ;)

    The duct tape adds a certain charm, though. As it turns out, my "record" button is now my "wah" button, my "Undo" button is my "record" button, and my "Wah" button is my "Undo (ie. abort and restart)" button now.

    The "tuner" output of the Radial box now sends a dry signal so that I can use both 'wet' amps of the TonePort, thereby eating up track count and disk access by the mouthful. Potentially a dumb idea, but I'm going to give it a go for a while. ;)

  12. Kemble

    Kemble Member

    Outside of a investing in a midi foot controller, see if you can find a little brother midi controller. Of course, you need a little brother to do this, or a really supportive spouse.
    Just dress them in black so you can't see him/her on stage, have him/her lay down next to the FX unit, and when you 'stomp' em to 'switch' on the wah (or volume, or delay...) pedal, they just roll the knob back and forth until you stomp them again.

    Effective, and ensures your stature as the dominant brother..... :twisted:

  13. born2suffer

    born2suffer Guest

    that's definitely the most inventive live system i've heard of til now :)))
    i'll try this out when I get the pedal :D
    rock on Kemble !!! :)
  14. gainfreak12

    gainfreak12 Guest

    Here's a sound clip of a tune I recorded with the V-Amp2. There's WAH in the soloing portion however I used a Crybaby, not the one on the V-amp. Just thought you might want to hear a sample recorded with it before you invest in it. Personally, I feel you can't go wrong with it for the price. I've gotten some really mean tone out of this thing. I call it the little blue box that rocks. Cheesy huh?! lol. Anyway, Here's the link.

  15. TheX

    TheX Guest

    The V2 amp is certainly an improvement, and only around 80 bucks new on flea-bay.

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