Benefits Of Using a Hardware Effects Processor?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by audiblethought, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. Hi folks,

    I am hoping some of you might provide some insight into the benefits of hardware effects processors. I have an opportunity to pick up a T.C. Electronics M One XL for next to nothing and I debating whether or not to use or sell it. I'm using an MBOX to Pro Tools LE. I am currently using a Mackie 1202VLZ to route my keyboards, drum machine and samplers into the MBOX and I also have a Universal Audio M610 that I use for direct guitars and mics. The M610 is not routed through the Mackie, it's just kind of stand alone. So I guess I just don't know how I would use it in my set up. So I'm wondering...

    1. Can I use the T.C. in mixdown and if so how do I insert it into Pro Tools?
    2. The M One has A/D/A converters, could I run my 610 into it and take the digital out to the MBOX? Are the converters on the M One better than my MBox?
    3. Should I use it as an insert on my Mackie?
    4. Would you advise against tracking with effects? I know there are really no rules, but it is my understanding that you should record dry and add effects later.

    Obviously I'm a newb. I feel like I've got a pretty simple usable setup now that I'm pretty happy with. I love plug ins but they are taxing on my computer after so many. I've never really considered hardware effects until I picked up this M One. I'd love to here what youguys and girls think. Thanks in advance for any feedback. :wink:
  2. Thomas1096

    Thomas1096 Guest

    I am not versed with PT, but I do know that with firewire, I am now able to use my PCM 80 (lexicon) in Nuendo. Maybe another can answer that.... Not on vocals... Maybe guitars.

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