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    This probably isn't the right forum to ask about this, but..

    I've been searching for this answer for a while.. can anybody tell me exactly about the admissions process there? Diffuculty, and what they really look for as far as talent and grades. One of my professors told me that recently they've become more of a factory and are accepting almost everyone just to get their money. But for some reason I don't completely believe that.. seems too easy.
    One specific question I have is: I've found in one place that they look for 2 years of private instruction on your primary instrument.. and in another place is says just 2 years of private instruction (meaning possibly different instruments?)
    My primary instrument, guitar, I have been playing for what will be 7 years, but will only have private lessons for 1 1/2 years, as I taught myself and am only starting jazz lessons now. The other 1/2 year I have with piano lessons. I will not be attending for performance, if that makes any difference.
    I really want to attend this school. It would be a dream. Any information you can give me, I'm sure would be helpful. Good or bad, let me know. Thank you!
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    Feb 15, 2006
    Most Berklee alumni I have known, become studio musicians,producers (real producers, not beat makers) and composers for TV, radio etc.

    It is not a rock star school.

    As more and more "schools" open that accept anyone with a check or
    qualifies for gov loans and grants, the higher end schools have a tendency to lower the entry requirement to compete.
    Its kind of sad.

    20 years ago, I applied at USC for their recording program, I had to prove I have mastered an instrument, lets just say I never enrolled!!!!
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    Yeah I know, my goal is to one day be a producer. That's what I would like to go to school for.
    So are you saying that I may possibly have a good (or at least better) chance of getting in? (I realize that's hard to judge not knowing my personal skill level..)
  4. 12 years ago I applied to Musicians Institute for the bass guitar program and was accepted. I'd had no musical background besides 2 months of learning notes from tab and learning rhythm by ear. Some places do accept anybody with a check.

    Having said that, it was the best way to learn since it gave me good habits from the start and I learned tons about music. Instruction ranged from classes, group tutoring, and individual tutoring. Plus, you're surrounded by tons of other talented people. And it gave me enough information to learn other instruments on my own.

    Many people I knew where applying to Berklee after graduating from this school.

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