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Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by knightfly, Mar 27, 2002.

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    Jan 18, 2002
    Hey Bert - I'm still looking for that non-existent PCI interface for TDIF-2, so I can interface my DM-24 with a DAW at high sample rates. I thought I had it nailed with the RME stuff, til a couple of days ago when Jace at Tascam said they weren't compatible - Do you know if the Mackie shakeup has (or will) bring a possible Mixtreme II that will do this? According to Tascam, any OEM can sign a NDS and get the TDIF-2 spec from them. As many of these units as are being sold, I am amazed at the lack of interest in a PCI/TDIF-2 solution. Whadda ya say? Any whispers? Tiredly... Steve
  2. I think you're a bit psychic or something...
    Dirk from Sydec/Mackie Engineering clarified things today (English is not his native language, so the information I gave you a couple months ago wasn't completely accurate...)
    "...At the time Mixtreme was designed, TDIF at 96 KHz was undefined. It was only until recently with the introduction of the DA-98HR and DM24 that Tascam decided to use a multiplexed format similar to ADAT. The WordClock signal remains at 48KHz but 2 channels are used to carry the samples for a 96KHz channel. The implementation in Mixtreme uses a superclock signal (WC*256), usually from a R.Ed to transfer 96KHz samples. R.Ed uses high speed TDIF to avoid a reduction in the amount of available I/O channels...You *can* find a series of converters at supporting the single-wire 96KHz TDIF interface...(However)beware of the load on the Mixtreme DSP ... If the mixer is running at 96KHz, the fixed processing overhead becomes very significant and almost no power remains to run any effects. All that remains is simple I/O and stream routing."
    Nothing's been said about a new version of Mixtreme so far... :roll:
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    Jan 18, 2002
    Hey Bert, thanks for the clarification - I get the impression that Tascam guys are not particularly happy with me lately - See my posts above on the Tascam forum for an idea why. I wish they had not chosen to go with their own version of s-mux, I'm getting really irritated with the lack of cohesion in this field. I really wish manufacturers would take a history lesson from MIDI, and settle on some workable/compatible data transfer formats. I've lost count of the (non-compatible) ways digital interfaces have been implemented. If the new regime ever does decide to do a TDIF2 PCI card, I know you'll inform me just BEFORE you learn of it. I've really appreciated your helpful attitude, and if I ever decide I can afford a R.eD, you'll be the first to know. Thanks again... Steve
  4. Steve-one of the Soundscape users (who lives in Denmark) visited Digital Audio Denmark, and brings this report:
    "I visit(ed) Digital Audio Denmark today,
    and can report that Mixtream will run all 8 channel in
    one Tdif cable at 96 khz.
    To do so the ADDA2408 was master and where sending superclock out
    to Mixtream, Mixtream has to be set to sync. from "Superclock+Tdif"
    this mean that Mixtream gets the sync signal both from Tdif and the
    wordclock RCA connection above the Tdif connection on the back of
    Mixtream. and then also to set the sample rate to 96 khz in Mixtream.

    A 16 channel mixer in Mixtream using 25 % at 44.1 khz
    was using 75 % at 96 khz." :cool:


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