best 3 mic setup for recording drums

Discussion in 'Drums' started by zperaldrummerz, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. ok, so i was just messing around with my mics to get them sounding sweet for recording my drums.

    The Mics
    peavy pv i2
    nady cm90
    first act(some random mic i got a walmart ... actually is pretty decent)

    the setup
    --nady alittle over 3 feet above center of bass drum (this basically will pick up the cymbals and toms.)

    --peavy, about 3 inches in on the snare head, and (yea its close) 1/4 inch above the head)

    --first act .... its laying on some pillow stuffing inside the bass drum. not too technicall there

    an awsome sounding drumset

    you'll also have to take some time working around with the levels in the mixer to get all the mics to be about the same .... for me ... the gain on the snare mic is up 2 times as much as the other too ... and the faders are basically all the same.

    tell me what you think
  2. mugtastic

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    Dec 9, 2005
    i think "remember this time as sweet"
    not that you'll never feel this way again, but if you love what you hear now thats one of the best feelings in the biz.
    i remember recording my first cheap drumset with 1 peavey vocal dynamic mic directly into a cassette 4-track positioned in the middle of the space between the snare, kick and floor tom angled slightly up. those recordings still do it for me.
    and i still usually use a large diaphragm condenser on the batter side with a condenser out front at the edge.

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