Best audio interface to record metal guitar with garageband for around £150 ($250).

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by jamie6000, Jan 16, 2010.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a complete novice when it comes to recording and not brilliant with computers. I'm trying to record heavy rock/ hardcore punk music (very fast power chord strumming, plenty of palm muting etc) using garageband. I've got one of those guitar USB cables and have tried recording by plugging the cable straight into the computer's line in and messing around with the garageband settings. The quality is pretty poor. When I play very fast it is virtually inaudible.

    I am assuming that this means that I should buy an audio interface which will help to improve the sound quality (if this assumption is wrong feel free to tell me). I am willing to spend around £150 ($250) on an audio interface if this will help to increase the recording quality significantly.

    These are the main things I am looking for in an audio interface.

    1) Will enable me to record quite heavily distorted rock/ metal guitar music that will sound nice and clear.
    2) Can be used with a mac and, more specifically, with garageband.
    3) Costs around £150 ($250 - $300 absolute max).
    4) Sound quality and ease of use are more important than being able to use loads of effects. I'm not massively computer literate so would like to keep it simple and I barely use any effects in my guitar playing.

    I am not in a band but am actively trying to form one. The purpose of me recording is just to send potential band members (through the internet and mutual friends) samples of stuff i have written on the guitar. With this is mind the audio interface i am looking for only really needs to be able to record one guitar track and doesn't even necessarily need to be able to record vocals. The priority is being able to record fast, distorted rock guitar of the highest quality that can be afforded in this price range.

    Any suggestions from knowledgeable people very welcome.


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    I am going to assume that your use of a usb guitar cable means that your guitar "sound" is being produced from some sort of amp simulation. You will definitely get a better sound using something like this
    It also comes with Pod Farm amp simulations which are among the best out there. It has an xlr mic input as well should you decide you want to direct mic an amp which most people agree is the best way to get a great guitar sound providing you have a great guitars, amps, mics, experience recording, etc. Getting an awesome sound recorded is more than adding a $200.00 piece of equipment however, if only it were that simple.

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