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    Hello i am still looking at ad.da converters and wondered what is the best 4 channel ad/da converter that I can get for under a grand. (would like it to be firewire or usb 2.0 (preferably firewire)) I have looked at some but most i have seen have have 8 inputs and feel like a I'm paying for inputs that I don't need and I could get less better inputs for the same price. I know about the rosetta 400 but are there any others out that make 4 channel converters and are possibly cheaper (under a grand or equal to a grand) So bascially what is best 4 cahnnel ad/da converter for under a grand or equal to a grand


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    Instead of giving us your requirements, give us some specific units that you are interested in that fit your requirements. Then we will be able to contrast/compare those to come up with what would be best for you.
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    If I knew of units like this that meet my requirments already I could read reviews and would have bought one. What I am asking for are units that you know of that would meet my requirments and that you have possibly used and can give a review on.


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    imo the best around the grand are:


    Rosetta 400? From Apogee? am i missing something?

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